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Recently I invested in the Divination course. I paid for it ALL at once. Is it worth it? Would I recommend others invest there money in it?

A resounding…YES.

Very well worth it. Just the right amount of theory & history and extremely heavy on the practical application side. Personally, I think I’m going to scrap all of my books/resources on divination (except my collectibles) and just focus on this course.

If you are reading this post and are considering spending your money, and MORE importantly your valuable time on books regarding divination in its various facets…STOP. I worked with the Yi Jing (I Ching) for a little less than 8 years, spending untold money and time and I didn’t even know if it was the system for me.

The Divination Course is of greater value than anything because it teaches us about the principles behind any system pretty much. From here, you as a practitioner can springboard yourself into what methodology personally resonates with you. But who cares if you don’t understand the underlying foundational mechanics.

So, I’m NOT giving this two thumbs up but three!!! My own two and one from the Spirit World!!!


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Please keep your “3rd thumb” for yourself. :wink:

Glad to hear a review of the course. I’m still debating the purchase especially since the evocation course is about to be released.

I recently got the course also. While I was having no doubts about the quality of the material I was still REALLY hesitant about dropping $300 for about 9 hours of video. All in all though I think it is worth it if it’s something you’re serious about working with. I’ve always had attention span issues so I tend to pick up alot learning things alot faster things through video instruction than through a book.

I’m exicted for the evocation course even more so than the divination one, as when it comes to complex ritual workings with tools and such it is so much better to watch someone actually walking though and doing it.

I too am looking forward to the evocation course! I can understand anyone’s weighing costs ($300). I know just for me, I always look at the bottom line & what I call complete value. When I was an EVP of Sales & Business Development (title of bullllllshiiiiiitttttt for what i put up with) for a small tech firm in Pennsylvania, I would often look at the dollar amount, my personal time/company time learning curve regarding new info, the cost of maintaining new product over let’s say the next year, any subsequent investment of time & money etc., and materials. Yes, an exhaustive process :slight_smile:

With that being verbally vomited…lol, I also feel that although I have a love affair for the written word and small batch limited edition Sacred Texts, video series on such Arts are very much needed. Again, even if I were to purchase let’s say 5-6 well received books on divination, I’m still looking at $150 - $200 just in books alone. Then we must figure in the most valued commodity…TIME! So far, I’m doing more with divination than I ever had. Interestingly a couple of years ago I was involved with a pretty prominent Tarot reader & occult bookstore owner in western Pennsylvania. I was literally sleeping with a source that had been working with the cards for 25yrs! It’s not that she wasn’t willing to teach me about the Tarot, but like most she suggest some books, then some of this and then some of that. I get it, however what I really like about the Koetting course is he pretty much gets right into the material.

For me this is a very effective way to learn. First you jump into freezing cold water, then you adjust, then you can swim and have fun. This method is very common in the way that I was exposed to Wu Style Taiqiquan. As a beginner I was put upfront and told to just watch and follow. You start to ask questions about the forms and how it all works after the fact!

I believe this form of “teaching” empowers people and saved them from laziness as much as possible, because it doesn’t keep them locked-in to just their intellect…i.e., reading books, and then more books, then just becoming another armchair highly educated with very little practical application mage/human/seeker/…fill in the fucking blank.

So BALG Forum…I digress. BTW, no I am not a paid product endorser :slight_smile: When something is bangin’ and I spent $300 or $3000 on, I want other people to know. I believe in this forum and I believe in The Path. Frankly, I wish I had resources like these when I was younger…I didn’t. I have a LOT of experience of doing it WRONG for many, many, many years. In some areas I’m still a neophyte and hopefully never lose my enthusiasm of “beginner’s mind”, and in some areas I’m very advanced.

With that being said, I’m doing what I can NOW for people that I can influence and hopefully save them a shite ton of money and time. My experience has taught me that if I’m living my life this way, when there are times that I’m in doubt or not knowing which way to go, Providence tends to smile upon me. Please let me be clear on this point - I’m not saying if one lives “good” then one gets “good” in their lives…these are labels and labels come with certain convictions attached. I feel that this way of living is just in good taste for me, and as I’ve stated before very few things can one do alone, it is better to build alliances.

Be Well!!!


Thanks for the positive review.


That was our first program. We were just getting warmed up, and working out the kinks.

Wait until you see Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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From what Mode_439 states about the Divination coursework, I think I may have to take the next step and purchase it!

[quote=“Timothy, post:6, topic:1068”]Thanks for the positive review.


That was our first program. We were just getting warmed up, and working out the kinks.

Wait until you see Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence! ;P[/quote]

Do you know what the price for the Evocation course will be yet?

I took the plunge! I purchased the divination coursework yesterday and so far, I’M IMPRESSED!! I’ve only gone through the first sections and once I get more into the material I’ll be able to give better feedback but so far, its all of what I hoped for and more!! Thank you E.A’s and Timothy for putting this video instructional coursework together and I can’t wait to purchase the evocation video coursework as well!!

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Dear waltyrs,

I’m so happy for you! I know for me I feel the same way! I fucking love the fact that the course is STRAIGHT FORWARD, no fluff, just 100% facts! Again, as we often here around BALG, and as Koetting is a huge proponent himself of practical spirituality…practical, practical, practical.


All I can say is I’m pleased no Astrology or Numerology. I didn’t expect there to be really, but it sure was nice to hear it wasn’t in the program. I got the program this morning. Not knowing what the process here was compared to other experiences I was bummed when I didn’t get it for a day.
IT IS WORTH THE WAIT! I was even more blessed the sale price had manifested after I was able to procure the program. The savings is already a payoff to me. I expected to spend it and got to keep some of the price of the course. It is manifesting money for me already. Awesome.

So here is my initial review of the divination coursework at this point. I’m about half way through the courses/video, which is kinda fast after only have it for a week but I’ve been just taking in all the info that E.A. has to offer and from what I’m finding out, a lot of the questions regarding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ divination works are answered to a certain extent, yet at the same time I think the ‘how it works’ isn’t as important as to the fact that IT DOES work. But for those of you looking for a new perspective I think that if offers a good balanced perspective as to some of the question that sometimes plague our minds (or at least mind anyways).
As far as material, the course work covers a variety of different types of divination including tarot, ovomancy, runes stones, tea leaf reading, and scrying. Also included is an in-depth look and guidance on getting into the theta/gamma state. At first I believe that getting to this point was one of the biggest hurdles yet once I followed some simple directions and tips, the theta/gamma state is simpler to reach than I once thought. Most of my problems was making it more difficult that it actually is, and hence not reaching that point of the theta/gamma state, but from what I learned, I had already reached the theta/gamma state and I didn’t even know it. Hence, I was like “why am I not getting to it…!” but now that I know what I’m supposed to look for, I believe that reaching the theta/gamma state will be much easier now that I know what to pay attention to. Knowing the destination of one’s journey is of great importance, or else one will just aimlessly end up going from point to point not really knowing what you’re attempting to accomplish.

I’ve noticed the same in some respect for myself too waltyrs. The Tarot, which is really one of the main attractions I had for the investment in the course, is done very well. I found that just getting a different perspective, and working with the video, and following the directions was what I personally needed at this point.

I did a reading for a family friend on Friday, and mannnnnn…it was spot-on, I’m really not too interested at this point regarding history of the different Divinitory methods etc. There is plenty of that out there already. What I really like about the course is that it’s 100% hands-on. EA states in section# 4 I believe that after charging the cards etc, now it’s time to start using the cards…NOW!!!

One of the reasons I highly respect his writing and course material is because it’s really about getting to what WORKS and putting into practice in my life NOW!!!


my 2 cents/‘tout sense’ in Div Course, just Section 5 and Section 6 are really the essence

(the other parts gave some fundamentals/foundation to prepare for- and also give a lead-in/access-pt to the course… for those that haven’t been exposed to Tarot and Runes and such: nice to have all in the course the basic concepts rapid-fire… but as I’d been exposed to that in the past- good info, just not new to what I’d seen-worked with… but then the jump off point (mix “invis tarot” 3 card draw… the symbols and “ride- receive the msg it has to tell you”… and the “empty chair” technique (note how the “empty chair” alternating with the “after-life hypnosis” meeting over-there… back and forth is like EA’s description of OAA and Ipssisimus (which he’s mentioned in a few interviews I think- I forget where… but the idea of soultravel to find teachers from another energy-place… and then Evoke them here to learn from… getting to know them better (evoke in smoke, or “empty chair”… ?) and using that better contact- soul travel more to their "energy-place"
goal to contact-commune and learn from another intelligence-thought freq… etc. anyway- layer that with the invistarot… (just being able to clarify “imagine” a card, vs pull up “memory” of a card… vs a Card just being seen…

that 3rd "screen" (in terms of the CCTV image of a security guard with multiple screens.. or a finan-securities trader with multiple screens... and one "screen" has been turned off... 

and it was in a Blind-spot of your Vision… so you couldn’t SEE the dark screen… but once you turn the screen on… you see it (why didn’t I see that before?) and then you realize it has different info that is displayed on that screen (not avail through other “visuals”/other screens… like Self-talk-think it, vs imagine it, vs memory call up, vs Dream/daydream vs thoughts-wander to random assoc…

once that screen is recog'd- its use links in to the others...  and greater clarity of what "channels" so to speak (as in TV or radio Channel, vs "channelling" - although that's related also :)

I don’t know if that adds to what others are thinking about the course (either watchers of it, or considering if one should get).

last to honorable mention- that “charging” the cards is a big thing (older books on magick had such… but seems not been in self-help magic books for a while)… IMO not so much “charging” it with intensity… but actually a tuning process (what does the colors/symbol/name and all details and assocs of a card- if you sum it all up at once, what “gut-feeling” would that be? -distinct from all other cards, and yet all Tarot card “feelings” recognize as Tarot-flavor…
in that same way that you can feel- ugh I feel like I forgot something… was it the (pictures)? you feel naw- not that… no idea specifically what it is you forgot, but you can decypher that isn’t the feeling… but you can recog (vs Figure out by process of elim) you can recog- that GutFeeling is (for ex: gift-pkg) and when you translate that thought- a big- sigh/release. let go of the feeling (that part of your mind-energy says Yes you got the msg)…

 ea card has a feel (when flip over and see part- triggers the rest- and get that ah...  laver with the other card- gutfeel..  ReVeals Overall Whole

as get to know the cards- and as get to learn to “think” in GutFeels- each adds details to the other… (ex given is think of a family member, like your Ma… some thought assoc details may arise, but a certain Gist that has the whole-sense…
Not quite how EA describes in Div Course, but what I think adds to that (and if one doesn’t have the Course, the above may or may not make sense)