hello,i working with your draconian ritual book.
everyday after pranayama and chakra meditation,i perform dragon invocation and then draconian opening ritual.
as usuall after dragon invocation i feel the inner snake’s activity in my root chakra and after A little hurry i preparing altar for “draconian opening ritual"
after preparing and light a red candle I stood up as usual for this ritual and i draw a trident and I wanted to say:” i [my magical name]ignite the fire of the dragon…"suddenly The earth trembled!!!
5.2 Richter in my city!!! and I ran iknow dragon invocation and draconian opening ritual both are inner … but what is the
meaning of Earthquake and these ritual Synchronize for me???


As above so below,
Nice timing though.

Dont run away, embrace it, I doubt it was you that caused the earthquake, keep going dont give up, be bold, and good luck :slight_smile:


I can produce 12 on the richter mega Earthquakes, but i choose not to use it, because it would drain energy.

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wow interesting.,

This is fascinating…said the white mage

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The ”Dragon” is often associated with the forces of nature, so I’d say that was a very interesting synchronicity, perhaps confirming your personal power or a sign from the “universe” that you’re on the right track with your work.


Its not hard to create earthquakes easy pezy.