Earn money in 1 week

1 week until Christmas, I need $100 to meet beautiful women and buy clothes,100 dollars is a very nice currency in the country where I live, 3 days can be enough for one person.

now i don’t know how to get this money magickal cashbook ritual demons saint Expedite etc,I have 1 week left, waiting for your ideas.

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Salas’ash is quite good. I managed to get 1000 bucks in under 24 hours working with him… that was 3 years ago. But he works well and fast.


did you tell her the amount you want

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I asked him for money to meet what i want. I did not specify how much. Because according to EA Koetting in his book, The book of Azazel, it is important not to ask any particular amount of money to Salas’ash. Just ask him for money and he will deliver what is needed.


this is what i don’t understand,Can you imagine the money coming to you by looking at the seal when you ask her for your request?

otherwise I can make a direct sentence like in this example:Salas’ash I want money from you.

Do you mind if I say such a sentence out loud?

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today i will go with Salas’ash and tomorrow i can petition gremory.

Thank you❤️


Yeah you could try that sentence.
I asked Salas’ash for some money to help me get what I wanted. I looked into the sigil and evoked him. Then, I made a deal with him. I said if you manifested the money, I will give you a special drink.

He did deliver the money so I gave him the drink.
You can use his sigil. It works. He works fast too.