Early childhood dream about a baby in a sarcophagus

I was in what seemed to be the crypt of a church. I didn’t know what that was at the time, but it makes sense looking back. I recall it being a windowless space and there were a lot of nuns present. I wasn’t one of them, and it was more like I was being shown something. I stood watching as they pulled a small, heavy, stone coffin out from a space in the wall. When they pushed the lid off, there was a baby inside, but it wasn’t really dead. It had a deep gray color, and was crying as if it had just been born. The coffin was wet inside, and the baby was lying in a puddle of amniotic fluid or water.

This dream has always stood out to me because of how young and relatively unexposed I was to anything in the horror genre. I was 5 or 6, and had never considered secretive church rituals or infant mortality. I didn’t know what amniotic fluid was either. It also stands out because it’s one of the first vivid dreams I remember having. Like, very rich in detail. Looking back, it seems very symbolic, but I don’t know what it could have been about.

I wondered if anyone’s had similar visions or dreams, or if you have an idea of what it could have represented. I’m curious to know your thoughts.

I didn’t grow up belonging to any church, or attending any sunday service. I had a loose concept of christian beliefs from watching veggietales but that’s about it lol.


Gives “coffin birth” a new meaning, lol. That dream is pretty strange. Maybe the dream symbolizes where a child is born but the mother dies giving birth. Thats my only idea there

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Oh wow I had forgotten about coffin birth. That’s probably the closest thing I’ve heard about in real life that I could compare it to. Really eerie to think about it in those terms.

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Could be representing the cold case that the church has been proposing is probably a farse of the Orlandi’s…Rather neutral on the topic, but rather provocative of it’s attached mystery!

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Maybe it’s rebith from the afterlife to this world, as in Celtic belief. If I remember correctly, in some places in Ireland there is a traditional ritual (passed over to Catholicism from the Celtic days) when a child is born that is essentially a funeral rite, since it’s believed that they have died in the afterlife and have now been reborn in this world.