Eagle-Headed Gods/Demons

Hey All,

I was spell casting in the “white room” described in one of @C.Kendall’s brilliant posts (thanks for that one man, you’ve opened more than a few doors for me with that particular methodology), when I encountered an entity who I’m not familiar with, and would like help identifying. I’m certain they gave their name, but I find my mind is quite fuzzy after using the “room” so I forgot it (I’m both embarrassed and apologetic to the entity).

They were eagle headed, but had the body of a powerfully built man. The body was dark and the skin looked thick but beautiful, like some sort of reptilian armour. They also had the form of a giant eagle. The energy was insistent, solid, patient, strong, and I sensed a pretty solid sense of humour. They suggested I investigate Draconian magic (I’ve never had any involvement with this, so my knowledge is non-existent).

Does anyone have any idea who this might be?

Check out Azenath Masons Draconian Ritual Book :slight_smile:

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It could of been an egyptian deity (albeit they dont really have the heads of animals ) but at the same time it could also have been a entity that isn’t well known and it decided to present itself to you. Going straight to well known names can be a bit iffy.

You got it @Aprentiz, that’s the one, though when he appeared to me he was much broader, and much more muscular…and the headdress was actual feathers, not material…but I’m reasonably certain that’s him.

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This is a cute simple take on things

This might be symbolic of Horus of the ancient Egyptian Gods that arose before the pyramids but what your describing has all the characteristics of Lucifer, blacken flesh and dark clothes, he chooses creature, animals, people, birds of prey to convey certain messages.

Lucifer to me fits many forms and conveys many messages, although the Egyptians worshiped their pantheon of gods, they were only demonized after Rome conquered them so I am uncertain if they are really god like deity’s or something created by the pharaohs to move there culture forward.

Lucifer has many masks and although some might claims when summoned that this is an imposter spirit, created with many thought forms, or from an ancient pantheon of gods, it is usually Lucifer making an appearance to council, warn or attack…

I don’t think it has anything to do with Lucifer lol. Honestly I highly doubt it.

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I think the best way to find out would be to repeat the ritual and ask the spirit personally. To me, it sounds like an Apkallu but, in the end, asking the spirit would probably be the best way to get a clear answer.


Did you find out any more I’m so curious?

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Might be the anaxeiraz demons. Maybe Akahadiza :heart: or Egulcala :heart:


I’m going to try repeat the “room” ritual again today (I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for the last two days…I keep getting thrown out of my own workings, with a clear warning of “you’ve done the spell, redoing is lack of trust”…so I need to try and go in with an intention to only contact, not rework). The God appeared as a specific helper to my working. I do remember that they said they were Sumerian/Mesopotamian and they brought A LOT of snakes with them - big, pulsing, warm, sensual-feeling (strange I got that impression, I’m not usually a snake fan in IRL) snakes. I’ll see if I can make contact without redoing my work.