Eager to learn - Introduction

Hello. I am Anton from the UK. I have been a very dedicated dabbler in demonic contact and magickal work for a few years. I seem to always get to a point where I lose confidence in myself and my abilities and drop out again, only to find myself drawn back a few weeks or months later. I feel as though there are some things that I simply cannot learn on my own, so here I am. I have done a lot (A Lot) of reading and waiting and feel that it’s time to properly get practical with it all.

I am currently looking into psi-vampirism. I have concluded after a lot of writing and meditation that I am unconsciously drawing energy from people in my life and I want to be more in control of that and learn how to adapt and modify those skills and abilities so that I can make use of them, rather than feeling like they are weaknesses.

I am quite a withdrawn and introverted person, so this already feels very awkward and well beyond my comfort zone. I am happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for your time.



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My starting advice for you would be to create a ball in yourself however you can. This ball is your generator. Create it with sex. Create it with strong emotion. Create it however you can… And then know solidly its your generator. Keep your attention anchored there when you are around people and you will become more aware of the ways you draw energy from others and how to manage it.

For any questions you have about your practice, I would encourage you to learn the art of, asking yourself. And then asking the same questions in the external world to see what response you get.

Most of the time the answer you get from your own self is the stronger and more specific insight, but we don’t tend to trust in it because we don’t have a “frame of reference”.

Trust yourself.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

@ArrowBlack99 Thanks. Great advice. I will take note of it.

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