Ea Koetting, Curses are always talked about but what about Protection spells and defenses against those who wish to harm you?

Hello Ea Koetting,

My name is Eli or Elizabeth and I wanted to ask about the topic of defense and protection. I always noticed your videos how you do certain curses and how to increase your power. And yet I feel that there’s one topic that is forgotten about which is how to protect oneself (spiritually) against enemies and put up defenses.

Can you cover this topic in your videos?

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I just read your question to EA, and I was wondering if you have seen the videos he had with Robert Bruce? There’s lots of great information on protection in there. I hope that helps you out. Darkest wishes.


I have most of Robert Bruce’s stuff from both BALG & Astral Dynamics (Roberts company). Great stuff and i fine addition to EAs mastery series. His info is without question top notch. I consider his astral projection and kundalini courses to be among the best energy work related trainings I’ve been exposed to, esp when you apply his tactile imaging methods to an existing body of energy work knowledge such as reiki or qigong.

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I haven’t seen many of the videos with Robert Bruce. I’ll definitely check it out though.

Youtube search “Astral Bob” and “astral dynamics”

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You can check this site, there is quite a bit of talk about both subjects here.
As even EA states, this site has a mind of its own and isn’t “His”.

Ask the people here and search the site, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge. :slight_smile:

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Ain’t that RHP stuff? If you get cursed, you’re probably doing something wrong anyway, and if you run into someone you didn’t know was in the LHP then you’ve got bad luck.

How not to get cursed:

1.Don’t be an asshole to people, be kind an considerate. As unlikely as it is, you never know if someone is a practitioner of LHP or demonolatry.
2. Don’t be controversial or try to shove your ideas down others throats.


@Red_Comet Actually I was cursed by a former ex of mine who was a black magickian until he went back to Christianity. And the curse was rather easy to remove. And no, those of the left hand path must also have defenses up. Plus protection spells are important especially for those that are warriors. People curse people all the time so it’s best to be safe than sorry. People will curse you for any reason. They are people with the evil eye out there. A true warrior is always prepared.

Also I see you with Monika :eyes:


Thank you for helping me out! I’m glad to know that this community helps out one another and are so kind to each other!

I’ll definitely take a look! Thank you!

Aw shucks, you’re right, sometimes people don’t always have rational motives. It’s always good to have a good defense.

Thanks for noticing. She did nothing wrong; I forgive her and she is best Waifu.


It is!

And for me preferably Natsuki is my waifu, because I love Tsunderes! And nothing working with a bit of yandere too lol