EA 90 Day Challenge

Day 1/90: 9/10/2023
Ritual 1: Point A + invocation for money
Method: New Avatar Power

Ritual 2: Agares: to make one who has abandoned me think warmly of me
Method: Demons of Magick (ritual 1: written petition)
No offering.

One of my shortcomings is that I tend to give up easily. I try something, I don’t see any results, and I give up immediately and spend time thinking and worrying about my problems instead of actually getting my skates on and doing something about it. I wanna stick with this, because it might be a good exercise in ritual work (and sticking to something).
Today is as good a day as any to start. I do want to get in touch again with someone I love. We haven’t spoken in forever and I reckon he must have forgotten about me. Well, maybe I can do something about that.
Aside from that there are plenty of other goals I’d like to achieve, I could certainly use some money for things I need and want. Money is really hard to come by. I could use all the luck I can get!

Ritual 1:
The first ritual I did was the relaxation ritual (called point A) in the book New Avatar Power. I own a copy of the original 1974 (it’s a bit beat up but I’m kinda proud of it).
It’s worked pretty well for me before, (only for small amounts, and it’s very necessary to stick with the ritual).
I have pretty bad ADHD and I absolutely cannot stand silence. So I had a TV show playing gently in the background. I don’t believe this interfered with anything. I felt pretty calm and peaceful during the ritual!
I started with the uncrossing ritual, then point A + the invocation for money. After that, I did the chant for success.

Ritual 2:
For once, this is not about Al (the guy I love), but an old friend who moved away overseas. I haven’t really heard from this person in months, and I’m wanting to talk to them again.
It’s important to be subtle and start slow, so all I will ask of Agares is for that person to think warm thoughts about me. I have absolutely no way of knowing if this is gonna work (unless I can snag a reading from someone).
I know it’s going to take some time. I think the last time I heard from him was March and we didn’t fall out, the contact just disappeared with him being busy. I wonder if I should send a card for his birthday with a little note? He forgot about mine but well, I reckon it’s a nice thing to do. If he doesn’t care about me anymore the worst thing that can happen is that he’ll throw the card away and I don’t hear anything. But I wouldn’t wanna offend or anything…That’s why it’s so hard to get back into touch with people who stopped talking to you for whatever reason. You think they don’t care anyway and don’t remember you, and if you make the first move, they’ll think you’re weird? But if you just sit and wait, nothing might ever happen. Still, I’m scared to do it, cause nobody wants to get hurt even if you have the best intentions.
I’d love a reading to know if I should send the card or not. Anyway.
I kept it very simple with my petition. ‘I. thinks warmly of me.’
I followed the ritual (and of course, I don’t feel or see spirits, so eh…nothing.)
When I burnt the paper, I struck the match a bit clumsily but it did burn up (with one match, that’s a sign sign in my book. The flames went up pretty high - looked up candle magick signs, and that means that I’ve been heard. One has to assume that anyway.
The flames were blue-green. I’ve been trying to look that up - a blue flame means the spirit is near and heard you (I am a bit colorblind, but I do think it was green.)
Well, what I have to do now, is put it out of my mind. (and assume that my old friend will think fondly of me).

Mini update before I go to bed:
Success! One of my cute little things I listed online just sold. it amounts to no more than 10 bucks but I am honestly happy with anything.
Been getting some interest, some people asking: ‘is it still for sale’ and then…nothing. I hope that with magick I can make interested folks actually buy something.
I’m going to go to sleep now. Let us all hope that tomorrow it’s less hot - way hotter here than usual for the time of the year.

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Day 2/90: 9/11/2023
Ritual 1: Point A + invocation for money
Method: New Avatar Power

Ritual 2: Gremori: to obtain money, gifts and valuables.
Method: Demons of Magick (ritual 1: written petition)
No offering.

Ritual 1:
I did the uncrossing ritual first, then the relaxation ritual (NAP point A) and read the chant for money 3 times, followed by the chant for success. I felt pretty good during the ritual! I’m pretty comfortable with the book and enjoy just starting slowly. I feel like it’s working for me already, as long as I don’t miss a day. I’m pretty happy I have this online diary to hold myself accountable and to check my workings. It’ll be easier to spot any results or manifestations!
I think the 13 bucks I earned yesterday was because of this ritual. I didn’t forget to thank Nitika in the appropriate section of the forum, and my belief in this method only got stronger. I’m grateful, but I do hope for some more. I’m working on a magical cashbook again. I’ll let you all know when it’s finished.

Ritual 2:
I decided to call on Gremori. My exact petition was: I obtain money, gifts and valuables. (one of Gremori’s powers). An overall increase of money and luck and maybe finding valuable and pretty things sounds amazing. It said in the book: without doing effort for it…so it’ll come when it comes. The first petition ritual (demons of magick) goes pretty alright now. - I don’t use the cipher, I do live by myself - except for Doreen, but she’s a cat and doesn’t know how to read. I don’t feel it makes or breaks the ritual. I may try it in the future, but feel it’s fine to write the petition in Russian or English.
I may be intuitive, meaning I sometimes sense or know things. And my senses say that this ritual wasn’t a big hit. The petition paper didn’t burn entirely, flames didn’t go very high…
The ritual still might work, which is what we should assume anyway.
Let’s hope Gremori brings me some luck.

Going to bed now. I do feel a bit more positive. It’s not so hot anymore and me and my cat feel so much better!
Money manifested: 13 bucks <3

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Day 3/90: 9/13/2023
Ritual 1: Invocation for money
Method: New Avatar Power

Ritual 1:
I skipped a day yesterday, but it was uneventful. (I do have school)
I found about ten cents on the ground outside, so that’s something! Money magick takes its time and it’s almost impossible not to want results, because you truly need it.
I started with the NAP relaxation ritual (point A), followed by the central pillar ritual, and the NAP fountain ritual. After that, the bornless one invocation.
I read the invocation for money (3x), told the spirit what I need after each read. Then the general purpose ritual (3x), and the chant for success (3x).
I really meant it each time I read it.
I’m keeping it short for now but I’m going to update later tonight, I want to try another DOM petition!

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Day 4/90: 9/15/2023
Ritual 1: Invocation for protection from evil
Method: New Avatar Power

New Avatar Power REALLY works and it works fast.
I mentioned in my last post that I asked Nitika (and Valac!) for money. I had a specific goal in mind, to sign up for a class in night school, Spanish 6 (will be good for my resume later, but most of all, it is good fun and I like my group of classmates.)
I didn’t have the money and nobody is just gonna give it to me. I needed at least 180 (estimate in dollars) and today I earned 216, just by selling things!
I have things I listed online, like many people do. And yeah, sometimes you’re lucky and you get a bite, sometimes nobody is interested, they want nice things but nobody wants to pay. It’s more than a coincidence, seeing as Nitika gave me enough, in a timely manner (I may have missed one class, but it is not too late!)
I’m very grateful to Nitika and astounded by the results. They really came through for me.
I read that if you ask Nitika for something and you really mean it, you need to use the money for that purpose.
I’ll inquire into the enrolment as soon as possible (probably Monday).
I just wanted to share this amazing result.
This guy who bought an amber necklace from me sent me a nasty message later, with a picture of my pendant, in pieces…Apparently he did some kind of test (and willfully destroyed the pendant) to see if it’s real amber? It this is tictock thing again? That stuff misrepresents things. I’m not a scammer, that pendant was bought by my dad, on one of his business trips to Poland, and to our knowledge, it was real. - I have plenty of little business cards, even one of those certificates I could present as proof…Also, this man sort of pushed me to keep lowering my prices (which I wasn’t very comfortable with). I hope he does not fight me over 20 bucks.
I used the Protection against Evil incantation from NAP (cause I’m scared he might come round to my home…and I have no one to protect me. I don’t really feel safe when grown men act aggressive).
All I had was a first name, and just for good measure: wrote it on a slip of paper, tied it with a string and put it in the freezer. It was sort of a lame attempt at a freezer spell, but my intention was clear: leave it alone.
I’m a worrying by nature and always pretty down about lack of money. But magick does work. And it may again! Next I could start doing some money magick for a few new clothes.

Ritual 2: Attracting money
Method: Magickal Cashbook

I just finished my magickal cashbook today. I know, it’s been a long time coming.
I used a pretty special notebook, with stone paper, yeah really. It really stains ink something awful, but I love it. It was bought by my dad, and he has written his name in it. I like that. My dad is gone, and there are still a ton of his little books laying around, some filled out, some empty, I enjoy having them. Some day I’ll get around to looking through them.
Anyway I pasted colored paper, have the sigils, the words written down, and empowered the book. I then had to leave the book alone for an hour or so.
I asked for 50, and normally, it takes about 11 days. I tried working the magickal cashbook before, results were very hit and miss. Still, it can’t hurt. I’ll try to stick with it.

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Day 5/90: 9/19/2023
Ritual 1: Attracting Money
Method: Magickal Cashbook

It’s been a while since my last entry, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on this challenge! I reckon my challenge will just have some gaps in it, seeing as I’m a student and all.
Doreen’s a cute big stinker. That cat is huge and very beautiful. She has her own little quirks, gripes if I serve her fish again and sleeps next to me in the couch (I’m still not allowed the privilege of a lick or a hug yet, mind you!) I do have the feeling that she cares about me. If I go to my room she follows and sleeps on a little table next to my bed. She’s never far away and feels safe in the house. She killed a spider for me last night! It was big and creepy and I had no idea it was in my room. I was so grateful. My previous cat used to do that because she knew I was scared of them. Doreen is just more playful and hunty. I’m still glad she did!
I had a reading on this forum (by Bruby)! I asked about my workings, if they were having any effect. The reading indicates that yes, the workings will bring rewards. I focus well on my inner world but shouldn’t forget the real world. I’ve been taking that to hard, doing some chores and real life grown up stuff I’ve been dreading…Anyway
I’ve finished my magickal cashbook and have been doing the ritual for about 4 days now. It can take up to 11 days to really get going. The cashbook has been a hit and miss thing for me but it can’t hurt!
I enrolled in that extra class and apparently I didn’t have to pay nearly as much as I thought I had to!
I also found 20 cents on the ground and apple earpods - although the audio thingie won’t fit anything I have. I should keep them for when I finally get an iphone.

Ritual 2: General Purpose Invocation
Method: New Avatar Power

So a little update:
That person that wasn’t happy with one of the things he bought from me (and subsequently destroyed it) never sent any other mean messages. I hope the invocation for protection from evil worked for me. (and my very crude attempt at Vovin’s freeze spell) - by the by, is studioarcanis down again? I check every few days but keep getting 404 error.
I kept up the chant for money and today, tried to place kind feelings into someone’s mind. Can’t say much about this yet, to be continued!

Ritual 3: Vine: make a vicious former lover feel love for you again
Method: Demons of Magick (ritual 1: written petition)
No offering.

This is pretty self explanatory, isn’t it? I know y’all want the dirt, but I can’t say much about this working yet. It’s still very up in the air.
School and stuff keep me occupied, which is good. See this more as laying down foundations, groundwork for further workings.
Positive things seem to happen since I’ve started my whole doing rituals thing (and let’s be honest, Allie is a lazy child and hasn’t even kept it up every single day - then again, if it is forced, it’ll just be something you read without real feeling.
I really have the feelings things are working already in a positive way. I’ll write some more tomorrow and have a couple of other books and rituals I want to try and work. I’ll write down my experiences later.

Bye for now

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Day 6/90: 9/22/2023
Ritual 1: Attracting Money
Method: Magickal Cashbook

Day 6 for the Magickal Cashbook. Nothing has happened yet. I’ll go the full 11 days and then ask for a smaller amount. I hope I’m not undermining myself, but I don’t expect great things from this. I will keep it up, because it can’t possibly hurt.

Ritual 2: The New Avatar Power Offensive Armor Ritual, followed by BBB’s 14 spirit Astral Bomb Curse
Method: New Avatar Power

Yes, your little Allie is going over to the dark side.
I’ve been a bit off for the last few days. In a dark mood, you know, gloomy. I wanted to try this to get even with this jerk. It’s been a long time coming. I just got back from the doctor’s office a while ago. I don’t think I set foot in one of those places since my mom died, 2 years ago (and one month, 3 days). didn’t have a choice now. And it wasn’t too bad…but it doesn’t sit right with me.
So…I tried to use this bad mood to do the curse.
I remember BBB, or Brother ButterBall from Studioarcanis. He was somewhat of an expert on New Avatar Power (he wasn’t the only one either, that book was wildly popular on the forum.) Anyway I remember reading he was a teen in the '70s and he and his friends cursed one another. since then, he had plenty of practice.
So the first part of the ritual is to protect the caster (always necessary if working any kind of curse.)
Then, the good part, the 14 spirit Astral Bomb (and no it does not kill anyone). I just hope it makes some kind of impact.
I meant the words, put feeling into it. But I don’t feel any better. I should take my mind off of it, and will come back later.
I plan on doing some more money magick and try another goetic entity. I do feel as though I am getting results with them, but some things are still unfolding.

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