E a's solomon circle

Am thinking of purchasing the Solomon circle for angel invocation. the circle I use is drawn on the grown and I usually change the names of each angel of the day and seasons of the year before performing rituals. Is E A’s Solomon circle different? Do I need to go through this process before invoking spirits and send them to do my work using E A’s Solomon circle cos am tired of changing and drawing new circles. Again, Universal and Solomon circle, which is better?

Why do you think you’re not getting results with what you’re doing - it sounds like you’re doing the work?

I think there’s something you need to figure out about your work before you invest in one of these, and that’s not because I don’t think they’re good, I have good reason to think the UC is awesome technology, BUT getting a circle alone may not fix things, and that’s not helpful to anyone.

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I have been using the circle I draw on the grown. It’s working. It’s just that I stress myself too much to change those names. I need something more flexible.

The particular practice you are describing sounds like the Heptameron, am I correct? If so such a practice is only necessary when performing evocations with the Aerial spirits listed in that particular grimoire. If you are trying to utilize that system to work a different system of evocation such as Goetia you will have problems. Not all circles are compatible with all systems and no system is universal in my opinion.

Okay cool, this is what the Solomonic circle looks like:

And the UC:

You can see the UC in use here, to get an idea of the scale:


Does that help at all? :slight_smile:

Does this mean i can use the E. A’s universal circle to evoke any type of spirit or even use it to replace other circle on grimoires?

According to this question! The answer is YES, it would do just fine. In fact I recommend you visit EA Koetting youtube Videos regarding both of his circles. Good Luck.

I have the U.C. and it works like a charm with grimoires that require different magical circles. You shouldn’t have a problem.

What are the symbols around the Universal Circle? What culture and technique are they derived?

This video explains it:

I Discovered An Ancient Demonic Language - Live Ritual

And there’s an older thread about the translation here. :slight_smile:

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Is there also a triangle of manifestation???

If you search posts on here before Jan 2016 for the term gateway of pacts some members who worked with this said the UC was a manifestation gateway as well. I am not that familiar with the work but I know the posts exist. :+1:

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Awesome i will look for it immediatly


Yes, the Gateway of Pacts, which the Universal Circle is based on, can be used in place of a triangle. It is mentioned in The Book of Azazel.