E.A they plan to hunt us all once more

Greetings everyone i was surfing the web and ran across a very startiling article i believe originated from Washington this fool whishes to pass an anti-sorcery bill http://www.admala.org/?p=412 E.A please speak your thoughts on this.

This is fucking nutso man!!! Anyways, I’m not worried, I believe this would be unconstitutional (not that that stopped the Gov before), my right to worship however/whenever I feel.

Plus, if this shite got out of hand, we (BALG et al) would just kill them vie Magick. This is a “diversion” and fear tactic so “The People” won’t think about the real issues…taxes, employment, etc.

It’s bullshit.

See people, THIS is exactly why things like the NDAA must not be tolerated. It is only a matter of time until it will be attempted to be used against you.

That being said, I’m doubtful this guy will have any success. As seen with the recent rulings in Texas and the Supreme Court the religious right is rapidly losing ground and I see buffoonery like this being more the hanged man kicking at the noose than anything else.

Still needs a serious astral boot in the ass. Maybe E.A. should put this mofo’s info out in his next newsletter to give people a good opportunity to practice their BM skills.

HAH! If he continues to talk liek this he is going to swing from a tree himself.

I doubt this will pass either but it is a good wake up call to all of us. The nuts are out there and dangerous. To our brothers and sisters in his district, Be Careful!

Looool, I can almost guarantee that this guy will be experiencing some very unpleasant things in the next month, he’s playing with fire and doesnt even realize it. Kinda interesting though, He’s the first politician Ive ever seen that seems to accept sorcery as a real thing. The times, they are a changin!

I think im going to have to start browsing through a proxy, its already pretty apparent that this site has eyes on it, and my searches are becoming more and more “out there” every day

Holy Moly! Inquisition plans on coming back, when I got some spare time I’ll work on influencing my country government, already said in the forums, we should be directing our countries paths, the Aeonics ONA tells about in his books. Politicians stink as poo poo each of them

Not surprising, but what a fucking IDIOT!

Just google “Louie Gohmert” and look at some of the other ridiculous shit he’s said lately, especially about the aurora shooting…noone really seems to take this guy seriously.
Louie Gohmert = Aint shook.

The people in the government use sorcery, they just want to monopolize it so they have more dominance. A heavy handed approach like this will never work though.

Yeah, pretty sure claiming that we should burn people as witches again is a bad angle to start from. Lol…

Nobody having any of that witchcraft in this town…

I’m pretty sure that article is a complete hatchet-piece, as there is no other reference besides that one website about his statements. If he were really out there saying this stuff, it would be pretty publicized, I think, especially in the wake of “I’m not a witch” Christine O’Donnell

Also, after doing a bit of research, I’m not finding any reference to anti-sorcery statutes of Arkansas and Alabama, which the article refers to.

That being said, if the United States ever again attempts to officially declare war against occultists, I can PROMISE that 1776 will commence again!

Okay, I know it’s long, but it’s loads of fun and worth picking through at your leisure.

The American Establishment are a bunch of Neo-Malthusian Ghouls who know that their agenda is reprehensible to the population at large, and utilize Conservative scapegoats and Liberal saviors to inflict it from a distance.

At the height of their power in the 1980’s “Moral Majority” era, ultra-conservative Christians accounted for less than 14% of the population. This, amusingly, is almost the exact same percentage of the population of Germany that actually supported and voted for the National Socialist Party (a fact contemporary historians “gloss over,” but that academics who actually lived through WWII tended to recognize as a Big Fucking Deal).

In the months before the 2008 election season it was VERY briefly acknowledged that registered Republicans accounted for less than 17% of the total number of registered voters in the entire country. (Keep in mind, not all states allow party-specific registration.) As soon as McCain was tapped, this information went straight down the memory hole and the election itself magically went on to be a “tight race” with every poll - including so-called exit polls, showing 40-to-50% margins between the two “candidates.” (Keep in mind that the severe deviations between exit polls and actual election results in the 2000 and 2004 elections were proven to be statistically impossible and that vote machine-rigging and ballot alteration were repeatedly proven in public hearings and court trials after both elections, to say nothing of what happened to Hillary Clinton’s supporters during the Democratic Primary.)

The establishment frames so-called “Conservative” viewpoints and candidates as representing the agendas and opinions of a 55% majority, but is always careful to make it clear that these are “those people over there,” and that we savvy, enlightened folk all know better than “they,” but these exasperating people insist on forcing “their” foolishness down our throats. (How these uneducated, poverty-ravaged people have such amazing poll numbers, political leverage, and high voter turnout is never explained because it’s nakedly impossible.)

If you look closer, it should be obvious that all issues are framed and argued within and against the “Conservative” point of view. A more honest word for Conservative would be “Default.” The so-called Liberal outlets may only respond to the “Conservative” ones. The Establishment asks the questions and defines the language and terminology that will be used, and the “opposition” must play within their court (or be ignored).

Translation - those poor “Liberal” losers who keep losing everything by just the right number of votes actually represent the viewpoints of a sixty to seventy percent majority who are totally unrepresented, which would explain why only about 39% of Americans bother voting at all.

I’ve been looking up numbers and playing with my calculator and having lots of fun here. Of the roughly 64% of the population eligible to vote (100% minus estimated 25% w/ felony convictions and gov-reported 11% who are ineligible for technical reasons), 60% are registered, and 65% turn out in the best years (2008). 64% eligibility, 60% registration, 65% participation. 65% of 60% of 64% is 24.9%. Most elections in recent decades brought in a 55-60% turnout. 60% puts us at 23%. So, about 23% of the population votes in any given election. About 25% of those votes are absentee ballots, which are not counted until weeks after the election is over. 75% 0f 23% is 17.25%. Tens of thousands of voters are challenged at the polls. These people have to file provisional ballots which, like the absentee ballots, are not counted until after the election. In 2004, over 30% of provisional ballots were discarded. I can’t figure out what percentage of ballots are provisional - I think the numbers are deliberately veiled, but it was fun to learn that many districts and counties have discard rates of 100%. We’ll be generous and guess 3%. SO - that’s about 14.25% of the population who vote AND have their votes “counted” before the winner is announced, keeping in mind that 25% of THOSE votes were cast on digital voting machines which have been repeatedly proven in court cases to be rigged by design by the companies that sell them so that the votes can be flipped however the people running the election want. If you are cynical and assume that 100% of votes cast on machines are ignored, subtracting 25% from 14.25% gives you about 10.7%, which leaves us at just under 11% of the total population of the United States of America who are eligible to vote AND participate AND actually have votes that get counted. I’m sure a dedicated person could chisel that number down even further.

(I would like to take a fun little aside to remind you of a stray fact from earlier. Remember that 17% Republican registration? 17% of 60% of 64% is 6.5%. Keep in mind that some states have party-neutral registration.)

It is more-or-less universally understood that the cheering “supporters” at any given Establishment political rally are “bussed in,” with picture and video tightly cropped to conceal empty spaces and make turnout look larger than it really is. In other words, just like on other programming, TV viewers are seeing the same extras over and over again in the background. In my opinion, we are within five years of witnessing the first ever computer-generated political rally, where the “candidate” merely stands in front of a green screen and has his supporters “painted in”. Given the banning of free over-air television, which means that even passive “political” participation requires us to pay a media subscription fee, this will be the exact moment when democracy will be just another consumer entertainment, totally indistinguishable from going to the movies or playing games on your cell phone.

Of course, I’m only assuming it hasn’t happened already. We already have the technology, for example, to fake the Obama acceptance speech. You can see impossibly glitzy stages and heaving-to-the-horizon crowds in any number of movies currently at the box office. Apart from a mediated image, what evidence do I have that any of that actually happened?

I’ll circle back to the opening theme of this thread and conclude with a happy little story about a man named Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist was an extremely well known man within certain circles of the Florida gay community. Charlie was an openly gay vocal Socialist and atheist who volunteered at a number of organizations, particularly youth centers. By all accounts, Charlie was an extremely intelligent, articulate, and outspoken person. One day, Charlie disappeared and nobody knew what happened to him. Three months later, Charlie was the Republican candidate for governor. In the three-month interim period, Charlie got married to a lady with several children and very big hair, became an ultra-conservative Christian who believed the Bible was literally true, began speaking with a pronounced drawl, and suffered a mysterious and debilitating loss of I.Q. Charlie won the governorship easily. Charlie was a fierce supporter of Christian morality while in office, and despite endless newspaper scandals about drunken closed-door parties with young attractive men, he fought against gay rights tooth and claw.

At the end of his tenure, after countless scandals, several divorces from women who were too petrified to tell reporters why they left, after multiple embarrassing documentaries were made about him, Charlie suddenly defected to the Democratic party in 2011, remarried yet again, and had a miraculous change of heart on the issue of gay rights in 2013, after the former leader of the Florida Republican party accused Charlie of trying to kiss him one night in a hotel room.

The moral of the story is - politicians are fictional characters who are focus grouped and custom built by public relations companies employed by their corporate backers. The complete narrative about who they are and what they believe is manufactured and calibrated based on what research shows will gain sufficient popularity in the location where they will be running to make the win seem credible.

From one of the replies, it’s a hoax, but … given the WBC (Westboro) actions as of late, some people are just stuck back in the past in twisted beliefs.

However, as a person I met on the street once told me, “you’re not paranoid if they really are after you”. Funny response, it was a discussion about being watched by people.

I wouldn’t be too public with practicing, although I tend to leap before looking on that regard. Even though I have read a lot n the subject and have done some work, I havent done that much. Still, in the eyes of that article whether you’ve done little or much in the eyes of those folks, it wouldn’t matter to them. So, to keep silent. Gotta remember that one.

I have felt attacked quite a bot this week spiritually, encountered a lot of resistance and finally set in anger. Anyone know if this is due to the recent supermoon?




What a fuckin post! If I ever run for Presient (which I’m sure I will), you will my campaign manager…holy shit Batman.