E.A.´s new seminar video!

E.A. i thank you for uploading all the seminar videos, extremely informative.

great video for anybody interested in runes and/or the different realms in norse mythology, be sure to watch!

Pathworking The 9 Runic Worlds Of Norse Mythology - Full Seminar

It’s a great video and reminded me to check my copy of Uthark. The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil.

Asgard, Vanaheim, Alfheim
Jotunheim, Midgard, Svartalfheim
Muspelheim, Nifelheim and Hel

I think its important to follow your roots to ones race or races essential system of Magic, because the way they understand this existence and interface with it is physically a part of how the mind aspect was itself formed.

Even of it doesnt resonate at first it will enliven some deeper aspect and can be reinterpreted with the gnosis if other systems.

Its not selfish or exclusionary, it is a way to become more aware of ones own attributes and relate more to ones self.

I look forward t reading more on runes and other systems as each has a particular paradigm that is obscured to outsiders without the knowlege of the way their culture is or was…

I understand what you mean Vagelli, with y only criticism is that it can be somewhat limiting to try to stick with one’s “racial” magical system. For example, mine would probably be linked to Voodoo, but I’ll be damned if I screw with that system. It’s way too filled with all sorts of linking, binding qualities that don’t really fit with my degree of desired freedom. So on that end, that stuff would not be linked into my life.

Also, considering that people nowadays are so racially mixed, I can’t see how this applies as much anymore. I mean, no one is “purely” one race anymore, especially in nations like the US. So I can understand why someone might want to resonate with their race, but I’m not sure if there is a benefit outside of what a person thinks the significance is. I personally feel there is little to none.

You are correct, i didnt understand why this was the next comment, as i was thinking the same but cut back what i wanted to post and completey changed the meaning.

Ok, yes, visiting it is important to enliven and reawakken parts of self for most immigrant types say like in the US and Australia… and other places where environment is different to the ancestral…

The parts are useful for activating the genetic memory for reprogramming and as you say depending on the systems depends on alot of things, especially when multigenerational contracts are at play… However, regarding the multiracial…

I agree, and encourage the exploration of both or more systems not for adherence in ignorance but for the cutlivation of root wisdom and activation of parts of the identity… Specifically visiting those countries is a big key… Its a slow process but rewarding… Because it teaches more about us in the now - and we learn in a context with something else, so by knowing ourselves more from the past enhances our understanding of the present and more in the future.

Many need to reconcile and accept the past to learn more about themselves, not to allow it to define them.

The teachings or myths depending have a way to unlock certain truths both in the psyche and in occult wisdom.