E. A. Koetting's Youtube Channel Suspension

Hi everyone,

As some people have noticed, the E. A. Koetting Youtube channel was suspended earlier today. The suspension has been responded to; it can take a couple of days for them to reply. Alternative platforms are also being looked into.

In the meantime, you can receive updates here on this forum as we know more.

The reasons for the suspension are unknown. My personal guess, as a member here with you all also wondering what’s up, and not an employee of any kind and NOT authorized to speak on behalf of BALG the company, suspect them to be connected to some poorly sourced, spin doctored and frankly slanderous reporting by fake news tabloids in the UK, the author of which, we also hear, called YT in a cancel culture move to complain. Our forum rules require that we do not name names and get into any heated drama over what happened, but I will provide a quick overview.

The UK Incident, which may or may not be related, it's just my guess. (click arrow to expand)

A very disturbed person committed homicide in the UK, allegedly as part of a black magick ritual to win the lottery.

He had previously been a member here for a few months, and made 25 posts mostly about orbs and fairies. He stopped posting in Nov 2018, years before the incident.
Contrary to claims, he was not an “active member” of this forum during the planning or performance of his crime, and his activity here was so light he never got enough activity to get to Regular status.

If he had actually stayed on the forum he may have developed some grasp of how utterly obscene his beliefs were, as it is he didn’t interact much. He had been monitored by the authorities since 2017, after his school reported he was viewing extremist material on his computer.

He seems to have been a very damaged and obviously dangerous young man. That he briefly had an account here to talk about, I repeat, orbs and fairies, is being used to smear BALG’s name. The Global Moderator at the time read his posts before they were removed and there was nothing in them to give any indication of the horrifying road he took, almost 2 years after leaving the forum.

I also want to be very clear that he wrote the contract in his own home close to the time of the murders, there was nothing posted here relating to this at all (it would of course have immediately been flagged, and any suggestion of violence reported to Timothy for appropriate action) and he had left by November 2018.

This incident has been the fuel for a low brow hit piece on BALG, which has been regurgitated by the lesser papers. They dug up something E. A. allegedly said 20 years ago in another group, that he didn’t own, long before BALG existed, to make a massive conjectural leap and claim that because of this a miserable and impoverished kid in another country was “radicalized” despite probably not knowing about this other group at all.

It’s the same level of argument as saying the existence of a lottery radicalizes desperate people by temping them with dreams of riches, for which there is a much stronger link, but they don’t blame the lottery he was trying to win. That probably isn’t sensational or fear mongering enough. :slight_smile:

This topic is open for comments… please do bear in mind the forum rules on keeping it generally civil and apolitical. :slight_smile: :+1:


My dad was watching BBC, and wonders wtf is wrong with me that I pointed out they are hate speech and speaking against people like me.

Can anyone suggest any arguments to use when people believe too strongly in mainstream news channels and not enough in people close to the source?


It’s not the first time I hear that alternative practitioners get cancelled on social media without any reason. Luckily there are other platforms! And the fact that EA’s channel is suspended on Youtube makes me want to revisit it.


Absolutely sickening and shameful. I’m totally disgusted by this.


“You can only lead a horse to water, you can’t make them drink.”

I would say to take care of yourself and keep your relationships first. If they ask you can show them what’s real, but don’t make life hard for yourself by trying to make people see before they are ready.

You’re welcome to take the fact that he hadn’t been around BALG for years, that we could have told him many better ways to better his position than relying on a lottery, and that he left here long before we could help him.

You can also search for “win lottery” and find we already talked about it… a lot… and you have sensible responses like this one, which questions if a pact would even work for this, and nobody says “use Lucifuge” and nobody says “oh and offer that”:

As far as winning the lottery goes, I think it’s unlikely.
To explain why I’ll explain a little bit about how magic creates change. Think of your goal as a tug of war between two small children: an adult pulling on either end of the rope will have a large effect.
Now imagine that, in addition to the two small children, there are now three adults on either end of the rope. Because the adults are stronger, you joining either side will have less of an impact. Obviously, the more people at either end of the rope, the less impact you will have.
The adults in this scenario can be likened to practitioners who want a certain out come. The more people with a stake in the the scenario, the more conflicting rituals are going to be cast ( more people on the rope) so your ritual will have a progressively smaller impact.
With the lottery, there are a lot of people who want to win. So the chances that you will over come all that will is very small.


Unfortunately no matter what argument you make once peoples minds are made up it becomes next to impossible to change their minds. Safest and best is to keep mum (quiet) and make sure not to wave it in the face of someone who’s minds made up against magick or in this case this forum specifically because of the slander of the media. So I don’t really think anything’ll help and I have no arguments to suggest.

Add: if we get lucky and the media the BBC specifically but also those copycatting it have to make public apology then if that happens show that as proof the media makes mistakes then drop it after. Only if we get lucky and that happens (I doubt it. I think if it dies down they’ll bury it and pretend it never happened and pretend they didn’t tar and feather every LHP practitioner with the same brush. They’ll bury the lead to use their term for it in other words make it drop so far down put it so far to the back of the paper for example that no one sees it if they have to apologize ).


And how many posts do we get where people ask what to offer, and we all go “um… bit of incense, smile nicely, your attention will get it done?

The shit this dude did was straight out of Hollywood horror movies, most of which we have discussed as fake and overblown sensationalist nonsense.


I know right. It’s definite he didn’t get the idea of doing what he did here. He musta got the idea from a bad b horror movie or a Christian extremist anti LHP story about what us bad people who are LHP do.


Does anyone know, please: Are both of these unofficial, impersonation Twitter accounts?


Does E.A. have an official Twitter?

Thank you.

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I don’t have Twitter so I don’t actually know myself.
The second at least, is spelled wrong, so I would assume it’s not legitimate.


You can only use logical arguments and facts. If a person can not, or will not, accept it, then there is nothing more you can do.


In which case (them being fake) here’s hoping they (BALG’s legal team) got an eye on it in case fake person there starts recommending illegal acts in the name to cause the real deal to get into major troubles.

Add: I have twitter and never go on. I’ve been thinking about canceling my twitter account seeing as I never use it.


To my knowledge, neither EA nor BALG have an official Twitter account. The only social media I have ever seen EA promote was his YouTube channel, and Facebook page.


all the cool kids are on the gram and tiktok anyways lol


I’m either really uncool, or you meant Telegram :stuck_out_tongue:


If things go bad he can always start a new channel as F. B. Loetting and grow a mustache


@ShadowEventide I supposed to know what you’re talking about now lol

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O now I get it :stuck_out_tongue: took a second posting with highlighter but I got it good one :+1:


I’ve also seen that some of the videos are on the Patreon as well that appear to be direct uploads, others are links to YouTube.