E.A. Koetting Radionics video

I was watching E.A. Koettings video on Odysee about Radioncs, he was making Alchemite a version of Organite. He added mercury to his mix, where do you even buy mercury? I can’t even find a mercury thermometer.

Has anyone made this Alchemite? I may have spelled Alchemite totally wrong.

I would try places that sell chemicals for industry. Maybe try the places that also do academic/research sales too.

Beware, mercury is a very dangerous, toxic chemical. The liquid is dangerous and the fumes are very toxic.

Thanks, if its that dangerous I may pass on his DIY Alchemite. They make some reptile lightbulbs with mercury vapor in it now. That doesnt seem safe for reptiles.

Always do research on ingredients you plan to use, especially when following old grimoires.

Some of the metals, such as lead and liquid mercury, are very toxic, and not safe for some uses (liquid mercury especially, but lead you wouldn’t want to wear next to your skin, for example). Many plants mentioned for magickal use as well. Always do research to be safe.


Old Grimoires and Teck at 11:23>>>>>$.