E.A. Dante?

I’ve been off the forum for about a year so sorry if this has been addressed somewhere, but what happened between EA and Dante?? Why have I not seen him anywhere and what happened to his site? Does he have a different one? He’s within a couple hours of me and I was planning when I had time to meet him In Person for some magical assistance in necromancy.
Thanks guys/gals.

I don’t know what happened (if anything) between Koetting and Dante Abiel.

However, Dante was into necromantic magick (probably still is) and it is said that when you work with demons/angels/dead spirits you can take on some of their essence when working with them whether you intend to or not.

I don’t think Dante Abiel would be a stable person, no offense to him.
I am sure he is a bad ass, but necromancy isn’t something anything would want to get too much into from what I have read.

I’ve never done necromancy myself.

Andrew is one of my friends we talk on a regular base. Yes he is til practicing! I asked him why he left balg and he said his path working are different to what’s going on here. He has never downed Eric to me or balg he’s just doing his own thing

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Cool I thought I heard a while ago that there was some type of falling out wasn’t sure though. Do either of u know if Dante still has a site and could u pm me the url? Thanks.

No site but if you want to speak with him pm him on Facebook Andrew pike

Thanks bro,
I really appreciate it.

There were a lot of Andrew Pikes. Can you copy and paste a link?

He lives in pa near philly shouldn’t be too many

Not speaking for Dante or E.A. here, but I briefly heard a few months back that they had some sort of disagreement and Dante didn’t like the direction that BALG was headed in. I thought I also read that he took down his website to remove any BALG affiliation content that was posted on there but I could be wrong about it. Someone on here said that a while back his website was up and running again for a very brief period but then it vanished again.

What conspiracy!

The little I have listened to Dante, he seems to believe that the supernatural world exists apart from human influence. EA seems to be more and more evolving into an atheistic magician who believes that magick is rooted in some yet undiscovered scientific laws. It seems like he is moving into the direction which says that entities are just a product of humans’ imagination. Those two views are very different.But I could be wrong.

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Really! :flushed: excellent.

I want to start his book :open_book: but i’m finding same of the ritual a bit hard to do. I can’t get hold of all the ritual items.

But i want to beginning.