Dying Brain Reveals Dream-like Activity

It is mentioned in other parts of the forum that when someone dies, their mind recreates a final reality as a type of egregore. If a person believes in a JCI version of heaven and hell, that is the ultimate reality that is generated when the soul leaves the body.

In certain books like the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the rituals and meditations had to be memorized so a person would be “ready” when their death finally came. They would be able to remember what to do at the time of death as they lose consciousness.

This article that I’m referring to would show that science verifies what was stated above.

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This also brings up the point of using hallucinogenic drugs to experience altered states of consciousness. The infamous warning is not to depend on these substances because when you die, you’re not gonna be able to use drugs to “see beyond the veil” so to speak.

It is best to learn mediation, soul travel, astral travel now so you can practice while you’re still alive so you’ll know what to expect when your time comes.

I agree with you at thesis. Everyone needs to learn how to escape the delusions.