Dungeons & Dragons: Deities & Demons


Has anyone gotten a manifestation from any of these entities?


Working on it. I bot Boccob to show somewhat, had some interaction - I’ll have to explain a little later though - running out the door. However, it’s not like other evocations, it was different in many ways.


ok, I’ll make this kinda quick because I have a bit of ritual I want to get on tonight. When I summoned Boccob I used a normal (non black) mirror with candles and his sigil.
I went through the usual ritual preps and started summoning him. Now, it was odd because I felt like I was awakening something. Usually, I can feel the gaze of the entity - like their fiery eyes zoom in and focus on me. This was more like it was activating. Like I was waking it up. It was bizarre to say the least. It was a very cold and mechanical entity - machine like. I held the candles at length so my face was barely visible. As I zoned in and meditated down, my face began to fade into the background and an old mans face appeared with a long beard. (I usually try to use incense and attempt a full materialization, but in this case, I wanted to use something that was easy to get a result simply because I’m not a master at this stuff by any means, and I wanted to use a method I knew I could personally get to work if there was, at all, any legitimate being out there having been created by the D&D collective).
I can’t remember what else took place as that I didn’t take my notebook with me, I was just reaching out to see if I could actually get Boccob to appear - and I did. So there will definitely be future attempts with D&D gods and demons, and I look forward to hearing from some of you guys too. This appears to be a seldom tapped source of intelligence, and I intend to find out just how far I can take this.


I totally know all about his stuff. The first 15 years of my life I was raised by parents who were Jehovah’s Witnesses. But that religion is cold since they deny everything that might be supernatural; the only thing you do feel there is the feeling of being part of a very big family. that’s it. And all I learned there was to hate their god, due to the way my father implemented their teachings, for instance: “If you love your son, you shall not spare him from the rod”. Well, he must have loved me tremendously.

At the age of 15 I rebelled in a very extreme way, and I had but one goal: breaking as much taboos as possible! I’ve been involved in some serious ugly shit!
But at the age of 30 the guilt set in and I felt this overwhelming need for redemption. But, I still hated the JW so I ended up with the Pentecostals. Spent a number of years there, but I never found what I was looking for. Yes, the energy at their gatherings are tremendous, but they didn’t change me. My thoughts and feelings couldn’t coexist with their teachings, so I left again and started a quest of my own.
But yeah, I found that the guilt stayed with me, no matter what. I went through a great deal to get rid of them as well of the indoctrinations I gathered in my life. I ritually burned my Bible, performed Black Masses, denied the existence of the Holy Spirit (the biggest sin according to them, one that will never be forgiven) went through a number of Shamanic deaths, etc…
And now, after many years, I finally became free of them, although I have to stay sharp not to get caught by them again.
Yeah, very sticky indeed. But after all, it’s been in our genes since centuries, millenia even.


Boy, could I tell first hand info about the leaders circle of the JW, Assembly of God, Penticostal, and Baptist groups all up and down the East coast…you would not believe it, lol…but I have first hand info…considering writing a book about it all, would blow the whole bunch out of the water…and they would all have to send out someone to eliminate me…lol. They could not afford for this to go public.



If you ever do so, let me know; I’ll be your first buyer. :wink:


Good…includes names and pictures…lol



Holy shit Bran … and holy shit Maxx! haha
Bran, brilliant idea - using ritual to break energetic ties like that. Shit, maybe it’s still worth a shot to nic those last remaining chords of attachment.
Maaaaaxxxxxx, lol, DO IT! :smiley: hehe - just be careful - you know.


I like this project DKM. Its been many a year since I opened the dusty tome of the Monster Manual to check my percentage chance of calling on the aid of my deity or demi god lol. Im so old I started playing a modified version of the original D&D!

As someone who has been through a Jungian analysis and am a great fan of the greatest magician of the 20th Century (Jung) I am convinced of the power of the collective unconscious/akashic records/astral light/ whatever name you want to give it that allows the creation of intelligences through collective imagining. I am sure after 35 years of imagining and massive emotional outpourings by febrile adolescent psyches there is some new weird forces out there as well as some reenergised old ones. I seem to remember more ancient actual deities and demi gods rather than made up ones. Its interesting to wonder if D&D might have actually influenced the power of an old seldom worshipped deity like Innana. THat said I just googled the new MM list and realise that they seem to have done away with all the old actual deities they used to have and now have made up ones. Though interestingly the demons are actual demon names…(As they are not going to feel offended clearly unlike the gods).

As a wee off the wall aside…Heres a link to info on The Scole Experiment and Project Alice. Just see how much was created by this group of 7 non magical people over a couple of years, including dimensional gateways operating outside the time space continuum and the whole shooting match. So D&D gods…I bet you there is.



oh, bad ass. Thanks for the link :slight_smile: This is pretty interesting.


Somewhere, Gary Gygax is looking down and smiling on this thread. I remember when i started into hermeticism I kept thinking “why does this all seem so familiar?”. Then I realized my many years of adolescent D&D were perfect priming for this training, right down to the sacred geometry of the dice. I’m quite certain that Gary was a practitioner and this was his way of preparing the next generation.

Loving the thread and the group in general! Lots of support and positivity in this most interesting endeavor. One magick group that I worked with created an egregore and part of our temple time would be to tell stories about the egregore to build it up. A personal mythology as it were. Those old D&D adventures in retrospect were not much different (less incense, more pop and pizza but still lots of intensity…).

Perhaps it’s time to dust of my deities and demigods again…


I have always suspected this . A perfect adolescent tool to recruit young creative/adventurers—magicians ?


That’s my take on it, right down to the creation of egregores (aka player characters). His depth of knowledge seemed a little too deep for someone who was just an armchair occultist. Wish he was still alive so I could ask him…


Suggest him as a beyond the veil guest on EAs interview list! :slight_smile:


It always saddens me when the knowledge and ideas of great people are lost to eternity when their frail bodies die. After things are settled down I must come up with a way of preserving the ideas/talents of great men and women; and NO I don’t mean trapping their soul in some form of soul prison for amusement…Barbaric.