Duke Sallos vs King Beleth

I’ve been searching here and on the interwebz, studying as much as I can on these two. I was curious if anyone had experience working with both of these demons, if so, what were the differences in results? Duke Sallos almost seems more benign, and love matters seem to be his specialty, while what I’ve managed to find about King Beleth seems to indicate love as an afterthought almost, most of the information speaks of his…frightening nature I suppose.


There are dozens of threads on Sallos so if you want to know about him a search of the forum will do it.

You could try a search about Beleth as well, but I don’t recall a lot about him.


Yessir, King Beleth information seems hard to come by, even with searching the forum, Duke Sallos is much easier to find

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“Funny” how these things fall into place. I literally just hopped on to make a post regarding Beleth myself and here this was. Sorry if I come across as hijacking your thread… yes I’ve noted the same. Lot on Sallos very little on Beleth. I think this may be because of all the “does” the goetic tradition states as- well “does” - wear silver ring on I forget which digit, forming gestures with hazel wand etc… has anyone had any experience with this? Is all this necessary or just Johann Weyer’s… the words escape me. Remember- during Weyer’s time most where still convinced earth was flat and science believed the heart was in the stomach. No disrespect towards Mr Weyer or the goetia just saying and wondering is all that necessary- formations with Hazel wand, striking, silver rings etc

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I may be going If on a tangent here but it’s a nod to the query regarding evocation of Beleth. I do not debate its authenticity or efficacy of goetia but I do question some of the traditional practices. Not so much question them as oppose them. For example the circle- Eric even said do you really think a circle is going to protect you? We should strive to invite them not evoke then hide behind a circle and threaten them behind arch angels or whatever. Crowley was a known to embellish but by his own account upon evokation of Chronozon in the desert he materialized as a caveman type deal and jumped through said protection circle like it wasn’t there and attacked them. Then again I just say this stuff because it is “tradition” well is all that jazz really necessary? I realize he is a Beleth is a king and warrants respect as such but the rest?

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I think most of ritual is simply to get one in the proper state of mind for work.

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Very few here use the traditional methods, and a circle is not used for protection by most of us. It is simply the place where man stands at the center of Eternity and becomes God.


I’ve worked with both so I can help a bit. Duke Sallos is very warm and friendly. He taught me how to unlock love in MYSELF in order to be open to receiving love.

Queen Beleth came to me on her own. After a couple encounters I decided to evoke her and leave an offering. I did wear a silver ring and covered my face but no circle. She said I was brave and told me to put my hand down. The only negative thing was the headache I got and she actually apologized for that. She taught me how to use my emotions for self propelation.

They do different things, not just what’s listed. Evoke and spend time and you’ll see just how much they can help you.


Right. That’s basically what I was getting at. One person here made the analogy of inviting friends over for coffee and answering the door with a hazmat suit. We are to welcome them- not call upon them and threaten them. Or “hide” behind the cult of YWH at the same time


Do you think the silver ring was necessary?

Nice. My experience with Byleth is very similar. I use the ‘y’ spelling because it seems to fit the female aspect. My method of demon working is also similar to yours. I invoke them and strive to uphold the mentality that makes their power flow.

Byleth teaches me to have strong control over my own emotions. It’s not usually about being stoic and super calm, but feeling and expressing the most useful emotion at a given moment. When I get it right, I get a certain feeling of confidence and the people around me react quite favorably.


I agree with the above^ . Beleth can pretty much do what sallos does. But one difference would be that of sex. Beleth can be called to increase sexual attraction so that anyone u ask for wants to have sex ALOT more frequently. He manipulates your emotions and emotions of others. So you can work with the demon to become who you want to become. You can call on beleth to help a girl or guy achieve full orgasms so It’s helpful for people with health problems etc. Yeah he can make someone obsessively love you, or lust you. His powers are immense.


I think it was appreciated that I paid attention to that detail. But now I do not wear it.

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How do you know all this?

My experience, insights. And the descriptions given by ea koetting, Gordon winterfield and vk jehannum

Guys- is it ok if I invoke both of them in the same ritual.are they compatible to work together?

I believe so