Duke Sallos for manipulating roommate?

My roommate is a nice dude, honest. But he’s also a spoiled white kid who makes too much money at his kushy sales job and he really gets on my nerves. He has no empathy for the fact I work in 100+ degree temperatures at work. He takes on as little household responsibility as he possibly can, which means I work my 40+ and then have to run the apartment and make sure the bills are paid on time, maintenance requests are being taken care of, mail is checked at least every other day, etc. I take care of anything involving phone calls or human interaction, and yet he has the gall to complain that I didn’t do my dishes when I just cooked hours prior, or that the living room is a bit of a mess because I literally don’t have time to do everything by myself. We just moved into a new apartment together which means full 12 month lease and also moving all of our stuff to this new apartment. Tensions have been high because I’m carrying everything on my back and he doesn’t care or doesn’t have a clue what he’s putting me through.
I was already considering Duke Sallos for helping me find a worthy life partner, but if he is also suitable for this task then I’m good with doubling down and stabilizing my relationship with my roommate.


Any demon can do any task however they typically prefer to do one or the other. I would suggest using this entity. I use him for binding others to my will. Sometimes it takes a week or 2 months but he has ALWAYS got the job done.


I think Foras/ Flauros would be a better option. I’m going to pm you something helpful

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I’m going to try some more… passive techniques, but these recommendations will come in handy if that doesn’t work out! Thank you!

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Can he help with love binding?

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King Paimon, Duke Dantalion and King Belial

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See this is where using planets comes in handy. Use day of venus on the hour of saturn and you can request a love binding from the entity with added power. Manipulate the powers into 1 manifestation machine

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Great reply.ty😊

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You could use voodoo if you know anything about that and its an option for you. take pictures of the person or make a doll and just say horrible things to it that would make any person want to leave, and in between while your thinking of nasty things to say and manifest in the persons mind; repeatedly tell it to get out. After burn the pictures or if its a doll then stick pins in the bottoms of its feet until what you manifest comes to reality and he leaves. That worked for me once when i lived with these three girls one of them left messes everywhere and had a kid who she was mean too. They moved out after a few weeks, but she didnt contribute rent before she left:(… in terms of goetic entities i think Duke Sallos may be able to help you if you want to just rectify things, or if youre up for a challenge maybe King Beleth. Maybe Larage to stir up some sort of dispute if you get fed up.

Bumping this for more advice. He has recently become very passive aggressive and the only way he knows how to communicate problems or feelings is with yelling and overall being a prick, and I have 7 more months on the lease with him and his girlfriend, who he has roped into writing sticky notes to me rather than talk to me face to face.

Hm, maybe you could ask president Botis? Seems to be an expert at befriending and stuff

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Many thanks for shinning to the paths of needy magicians here… I mean your contribution is of immense help…

But please can you help me recommend a demon that specializes manipulation and binding my victims mind to do my desires…?

As in… To have their thoughts impaired, flooded with thoughts about doing desires until it’s done…

I’ll appreciate any demon that can handle that aspect…

I’m mean no harm at all to all the victims… just that they are not thinking it’s their responsibility to help me in such ways…

And I need my desires to take over their thoughts…words and deed then. Since they couldn’t reason well…

Hoping to hearing from you… cheers

I’m sure duke dantalion can help with that mate