Duke Sallos: a rowdy reveller?

I have been dabbling with Solomonic magick for a while now and have reached the point where I feel confident enough to contact Goetic spirits. I am following Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick not only because it enjoys an excellent reputation as a reliable source, but because I appreciate the no-frills approach he has. I understand that adepts may at times find him irreverent or even profane, but for a novice like myself it’s actually really helpful.

The first spirit I have chosen to contact by means of a more elaborate connective evocation is the great and amiable Duke Sallos. I entrusted him with a very delicate matter which is still to be resolved, but that story is for another post (hopefully a thanksgiving post, I have great faith in the Good Duke). What I would like to discuss here and to ask your opinion on is the kind of personality I have come to encounter.

My experiences with Goetic Entities so far have only confirmed my theoretical impressions: the Goetics are, as often is the case with ancient deities, fascinating, charming, solemn and often loveable.
From my experience, Sallos is no exception: once I established contact with him, having spoken my intention and respectfully affirmed my authority as the evoker, I bid him welcome into my environment as is my custom with Spirits and was overwhelmed by a warm feeling around my chest and arms, as if someone huge was hugging me. The Duke is known for his gentle nature, but I had not expected anything of this sort. It felt amazing.

As I continued with my petition, I followed Winterfield’s suggestion of making a brief offering by imagining what I planned to offer upon the fulfilment of my request. I then focused on my attempts to have a conversation with Sallos but given my lack of experience I only got vague impressions which I struggled to interpret. Out of frustration I chose to imagine my offering once again, intentionally making it rowdier and more passionate. Now, I read that our good Duke is quite the booze hound and is a fun type, so I assumed that the image of a passionate alcoholic celebration might please him. Dead on. Upon imagining the scene, I was once again overwhelmed by an emotional feedback, a huge shiver down my body which I could only interpret as Sallos positively roaring with laughter. I took the chance and extended my hand to him in friendship, asking him to please take care of my request, and politely licensing him to depart in peace. When this was done, I kept feeling the excitement and electricity from before and wished I could go and party right away. Even the day after the evocation, thinking back on what happened whilst in the shower, I felt a rush of this chaotic, bacchic energy and started to dance, which is really out of character for me. I realised some of Sallos’ personality might have rubbed on me, as is often the case. It’s a curious feeling, I’m not yet sure what to think about it, but it’s electrifying.

Now my question to you is: from your experience working with this beautiful Spirit, does all this sound legit? Is Duke Sallos much of a rowdy reveller? Would you say my evocation was truly successful?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your contributions :pray:t3:

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Duke Sallos was the very first demon I worked with, and the feelings of warmth and love are pretty dead on. However, I’ve only offered him sips of alcohol, so I am not sure if he is a rowdy reveller or not. Perhaps I need to get smashed with him?

I would say your evocation was definitely successful.

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Thank you!! I admit I got a bit carried away with my offering, from what I know he is not in any way demanding so a toast might have done the job. Still, I am pretty sure that if he does deliver I will get smashed in any case, so it would only be right to offer him the experience :star_struck:

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