Duke Bune helped me and my boyfriend

Hi everyone! (not a native English speaker, so I am sorry about any mistakes and the long post)

This is my first post here and I came to relate my success working with Duke Bune, in fact, that was also my first evocation ritual.

My boyfriend was having a though time at work, having to go the extra mile every time for his not so nice boss, and being paid much less than his last job. He was getting really sad and stressed because it was getting harder for him to keep up with the bills.

I had just started studying magick, so I said “why not give it a try?” After doing some research in this forum, I decided for asking Bune to help me.

I draw his sigil in a book I made specially for working with magick, focused on it for a bit and then explained, in a kind of prayer, the whole situation and what I wanted. That night I “woke up” in fear, feeling a strong presence in my bedroom. I was in a state of sleep paralysis, but I could look around (although I couldn`t move my head) and kind of see through things.

Then I saw it outside, that dark figure enveloped in shadows, a humanoid figure, although not a man or a woman. It was talking to me in an agressive voice, shouting actually. It entered the room, floating diretly over me and kept asking me why I had called it there. I was so scared, I just wanted to apologize and explain my reasons, but my mouth wouldn`t move. I just focused on my wish and ended up falling asleep again (more like passing out in fear).

A few days after, I was walking on the street and that voice in my had was telling me I had to choose. It was like the voice we all have in our heads, but I couldn`t control it. My boyfriend was doing some tests at the time, one to work at our city, and the other to get much better paid, but he would have to move. I ended up choosing the one where we could stay together (although I would be ok with him moving if it was the only option), and just yesterday he was finally called to work. Yes, it took 9 months since the ritual, but I am glad it worked. They were hiring only one person at work, and my boyfriend placed 5th in the selection. The other four were all either called and then reallocated to other functions, or just flat out refused the job after going through the whole process.

And that is why I am writing this. I came here to say thank you and to pay my part in the contract. Thanks for sparing a moment to read.