Duke Astaroth experience & gratitude

When I first contacted duke Astaroth in a state of a deep meditation(using Astaroth’s enn that I recorded) he appeared to me similar to his goetic form in my vision. He was a thin, yet muscular pale male with dark gray feathered wings and long dark hair, who was sitting on top of a huge black-green dragon. Astaroth wore dark red cloth and had a snake on his right hand. He also had a golden mask and iridescent red-green eyes. When I asked him about his identity he confirmed that he is indeed Astaroth. He also said that he is not Astarte/Ishtar and never has been, though he knows her. Astaroth also felt slightly annoyed when he was speaking about Astarte, and I suspect he does not like her very much. This and some other details from my experience have been confirmed by my more practically experienced magical partner as well as some other practitioners from my country. After that we had a private a conversation by the end on of which Astaroth told me to come closer to him. Snake on his hand has bitten my right arm. The acidic poison of the serpent burnt through my whole body killing the remnants of my past self and weaknesses attached to it. It destroyed all the junk that was stuck in my subconscious, which allowed me to finish my second transformation on my path through the qlippoth. Basically, duke Astaroth is like an alchemical sulfur. He can also see the future and may help with various sciences, like it was mentioned in the Goetia. And last but not least, duke Astaroth has wast knowledge on blood magic. In the end of our first communication he shared with me a ritual/spell of cleansing, which is reminiscent of medieval bloodletting, as a reward for an enn music/chant that I created for him. Astaroth has a heavy and somewhat intimidating aura, he is very serious and doesn’t mess around. He is a great and wise demon that I continue to work with to this day, and I am grateful for all the changes he has brought to my life.


I may also add that the whole “give mortal beings the power over serpents” is deeper than it may appear at first glance. From my experience as well as my magical partner’s duke Astaroth can help the practitioner to awaken his serpent of Kundalini. Another thing I can add is that duke Astaroth has a very clear masculine energy.

Very interesting experience. I feel the same way about Astaroth’s aura, although to me, they come in both forms: male & female (sometimes separately or at the same time). The female aspect seems more motherly/loving, but definitely keeps some of the heavy dark energy, the male aspect’s aura is so strong it almost suffocates me. I would also not say they are related to Astarte, I feel like they are just a very complex being.


Hi S.A
Great experience, did you have your astral senses open for this first contact ??

I love reading about experiences of ppl with Astaroth cause we always end up with the same debate whether or not Astarté is Astaroth or the opposite.

From a pure historical point of view, that is clearly not the case. The name “Astareth” (from the Bible) was actually used as a word for “Pagan Goddesses”.

So the demon that answer to that name must be something totally different sealed by 14th magicians with the name of “Astaroth” to define a particular or a collective of spirits that rules on the Qlipha of Jupiter


You are correct and I do not deny that historically the name of the spirit(ruler of Gha’Agsheblah qliphoth) has derived from “Astareth”. I believe that the demon named “Astaroth” in the Goetia is a separate deity from Astarte, due to the words of the spirit as well as their energies. Astarte/Ishtar is associated with sexuality/love(Venus) and war/hunting(Mars) while the spirit me and my partner contacted, which rules over Gha’Agsheblah, is clearly Jupiter. He did not feel like something collective, and he was very powerful. Much stronger than what one might expect from a duke.

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That’s also an interesting experience. May I ask how does it feel when both of them are present at the same time? Do they communicate as one or separately? Neither me nor my partner encountered any female aspect but we do not deny the possibility. There is much work and research yet to be done with this spirit.

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Hi, Viktor

Yes. The ruler of Gha’Agsheblah is also not the first demon I came in contact/worked with. I can also say that my partner who worked with the same spirit had for the first time experience which can be described as psychedelic(she did not use any psychedelics) or near such, even though she had already done a lot of meditations and spirit workings before.

They don’t really speak at the same. When they are together I can tell for sure that they are the same entity, there is this mass of dark, sometimes vampiric energy coming from both of them and on top of that the feminine/masculine energy. They also feel very powerful, very strong. Their power hit me a day or two after I made a pact with them, it felt like I was drowning in darkness. Meetings with both of them are actually very pleasant and in my case it means that something important needs to be learned. There are also times when we just “hang out”. I must say, they are very interesting.

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Yes, this entity is indeed very interesting. And yes, the feeling of darkness was present, it also felt like there is something bloody inside it. My partner felt it especially strong. To her he appeared as a tall shadowy humanoid figure. This is all actually correlating really well with what I read about Astaroth in Liber Azerate in which “bloodthirstiness” is one his traits.

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I can relate to that. I actually feel the smell of blood when the male aspect shows up.

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In the future I will share more experience with duke Astaroth and a QnA with him as a chronological continuation to this post. I will also usually make a small disclaimer so that the reader wouldn’t be confused and due to the will of the demon:

“Do not crusade against Astarte or those who worship her, but every time you speak of me always make it clear that it is ME you are speaking of and not the Phoenician goddess”

This is a rough translation of what he said to me in the very end of our first communication.

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