Duel with spirits

Hi! Have you ever had duels with spirits? On the physical plane have you ever attacked by mind and visualization? I wanted to tell my experience: In front of me was a parasitic spirit with whom I was having a conversation. I proposed a duel, if I had won he would have stopped tormenting me. I don’t know why I did it, I felt it was my instinct.
I visualized my body catching fire, and the flames, from my body, going to attack my enemy. I created energy spheres through my hands, always with fire, throwing them at him. I imagined that his body burned and consumed. In the meantime, he attacked me. My body was at times paralyzed and at times he felt pain. I was able, however, to defend myself well. It was a risky choice perhaps, to try to duel with a spirit, but it was not an entity more powerful than that, I knew I could defeat him. I chained him, using a technique I named the Holy Cross. The technique consists in using the index and middle finger joined together, and drawing crosses in the air in front of the spirit. I was able to dominate him and subdue him. He gave up, and after discussing what I wanted from him, since I had won, he didn’t give me any more trouble.
This was my first experience of “dueling”. Then always with similar ways I also destroyed toxic souls. I didn’t think I had this power. But I’ve learned that if we can create, we can also destroy. Destroying a soul is not something to be taken lightly, but I am pleased with the progress I have made in my spiritual journey. To stand before a spirit that harmed me, to look it straight in the eye, and to have the courage to face it. I’m really proud of myself. Tell me your experiences if you want :wink:


I had a sort of “dual”, but within a dream with a spirit.


I’ve only ever sparred certain entities while in etheric projection.


Mine was more of a misunderstanding with a spirit I feel. It went from well “making love” to us brawling in a void like tornado in the dream. Since I freaked out and became lucid.

Aha, finally another who can use the flame. Look into the black and purple ones, I suggest getting familiar with those first.
I’ve experienced a couple duels. Rarely do I operate on the astral, most of my encounters are in the waking world. It helps to have a physical action while letting off attacks.

The flame is interesting, as it is energy you cast out, and then uses the surrounding energy to ‘burn’, much like regular flame uses fuel and oxygen to burn. It can be used to shield, though that is a bit more offensive than defensive. Can layer on top of a normal shield.

I use the purple flame, (st Germaine if you wanna call to learn) for aggressive cleansing and boosting energy of allies. Its opposite is the black flame (which anyone who has it can share it. I dont recommend the infernal anymore, but if you already work with them, they all know it), which I generally use for offensive purposes. The more you play with it the more you can do. With the fires, once your ‘pilot’ light for that one is lit, you’ve got access so long as you dont put it out.

I highly recommend caution with the other fires, until more familiar with those first two. The others has specifics and effects on the individual that can just be downright unpleasant, if not dangerous as hell.

I personally do like the violet flame of Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germaine


Thanks for the advice, I will also try to use different flames