Duchess Bune

Hi everyone,
I have done a couple of Invocations with Bune to assist me in a financial matter whilst I’m waiting for my new role to start.
The reason I am posting is I want to hear others experiences with he (I see her in the feminine).

When I see her in my minds eye she appears as a beautiful Egyptian woman and she is always dancing. I get high vibrations and a loving energy from her which I feel connected too as it is a quite pleasurable feeling.

Another thing I have experienced with her is apples! She always seems to be giving me apples. The first time she handed me an apple which split to show its seeds which then grew into a tree of its own filled with fruit. At this point she said “from something small, many can grow”

The second time she was dancing with a scarf that would turn into a snake and back to a scarf as she came towards me. She then stood close to look me in the eyes whilst we spoke held both my hands. Towards the end of our discussion she again handed me an apple.

Does anyone else have similar experiences with the things I’ve mentioned? Or have any thoughts on the symbolism or the way she appears.

Thank you :blush:


My personal experience with the good Duchess Bune is limited, but she does not appear in any way “demonic”. There is a very peaceful and caring, almost “mothering” nature to her.


Yes! I had the same feeling from her too. Very caring and a lot of love. I already have a lot of compassion for her

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So for me when I called on Bune I would always get aroused pretty much instantly. 0 -60 in 2 seconds. It was very weird to me I asked others about it here and never really got a response about why this happened. Anyway I did get some results from the rituals. As far as appearances and speaking goes I am still unfortunately not where I would like to be with my communication abilities. I l have been meditating for a while now pretty much daily and have tried different mental excercises but still am not able to do what many others here claim to be able to do at will. It’s annoying :unamused: to say the least. Anyways I’m glad you had good experiences. I’ve always gotten good vibes from Goddess Bune

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