Drugs, where to start and scanning?

Hi I stumbled on this forum many months ago due to a bad trip I had on LSD. I had taken it many times before with no issues, just seeing patterns and colours. I then tried to open my 3rd eye chakra from things I had read online.

After that I had the worst LSD trip ever, I saw evil and felt something pulling me and was scared for my life. Even when I closed my eyes I would see images of things you saw in horror movies and even more things I had never even seen before but it felt so evil

I have since then tried ket and my trips developed from seeing random scenery to now being able to talk to people I know about and when I meditate I see vortexes but I don’t get that when I’m sober

What I want to ask is if drugs have any effect or enhancements on spirituality. I’m worried I’ve invited evil in and I need help getting rid of it.

I’ve never done any magic work and I don’t know where to start. I heard people say you should open your chakras and was wondering if you can start from the crown or should you start from ur root? I’ve been trying my 3rd eye chakra only.

Also do I need to decalcify my pineal gland? I’ve been running turmeric powder and kumkum on my forehead for a few weeks. Is this nonsense?

I’ve also seen people talking about scanning on here and was wondering if anyone could scan me to see if there is anything wrong? Or even my room/flat? I’m so worried something is here or I need help

I even ended up buying a 72 angels evocation book by accident which led me to another question. Are they the same as the 72 demons that can be summoned? What’s the difference?

Everything is so confusing to me I feel like I need a mentor

Sorry it’s such a long post with so many questions. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

No, the 72 Angels of the Shemhamforash are NOT the same, but they are connected to the demons of the Lesser Key.

Yeah, that’s nonsense. I don’t see how rubbing herbs on your forehead is going to have any effect on a gland buried in the middle of your brain.

Yes, they can open your perceptions to things that you are unprepared for, if not used properly within a ritual context.


Ok so I will try to contact demons instead

Regarding the rubbing of herbs, I thought maybe it’s like mercury and how that can effect you if it comes into contact with your skin but obviously not as strong

In order to get to your brain, an kind of contaminant has to get into your blood first, because your brain is protected by what is known as the blood-brain barrier, a membrane that is semi- permeable, and that is designed to prevent foreign substances in the blood from reaching the brain, as well as protecting the brain from the hormones produced by the body (a good example of a contaminant that can get to the brain is alcohol, which gets through the barrier by thinning the blood).

Anything rubbed on your forehead would also have to get through the skull, and the meninges, the thin mucus sac that covers the brain, which is highly improbable due to the fact you only have a very thin layer of skin, muscle and blood vessels on your face so the herbs would not be absorbed anywhere deep enough.

Why? Did it make any difference? If not, at least it made me laugh a bit. You would probably feel something by rubbing Tiger Balm on your forehead than herbs, but it still wouldn’t affect your pineal gland at all.

There’s several ways of opening your astral perceptions. Through meditation and specific breathing techniques, binaural sounds, spirits opening your chakras, specific rituals. I prefer the aid of spirits, because that’s how I learned to sense them on a physical and an emotional level.

Thanks for this explanation! I’ll stop doing it then lol

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I’m not sure tbh because during the same time I was meditating on my third eye so not sure if the rubbing had an effect or if it was the meditating or both lol

May I ask which spirit you used and how you got them to help? Evoking or invoking for example or some other method?