Drugs: I Apologise in Advance

Drugs: I Apologise in Advance

Nicotine is my drug of choice. Couldn’t live without it. Why bother? Anyway, nicotine and tobacco can come in handy Magickally. I recommend that you keep some around in your little bag of tricks. For Martian Magick nothing comes close to tobacco and some of the best tobacco for Martian Magick can be obtained from disposed of cigarette butts. Perhaps with gloves, squeeze the residual butt tobacco into a sealable glass jar. Cigar butts are excellent. If you’re not using straight away, don’t worry. Let it sit. Don’t use your own tobacco waste, best if collected from public places and unknown providers.

When I do negative Magick I stop using nicotine. After a couple of hours without nicotine the burning need is building and my hate-filled emotions start flowing. It’s about then I start preparing, before I do Magick. Even my severe nicotine addiction is used Magickally.

For offerings or other Magick you’ll need quality tobacco. You can buy tobacco leaves on-line, but there are always excise issues. For shamanistic work I strongly recommend Nicotiana rustica – smoked or as nasal snuff. In both cases a little goes a long way. Strong oral tobaccos take about ten minutes to kick in if placed behind the top lip and left alone as a ‘top-deck’. For incense I use charcoal blocks and tobacco moistened with dark rum to slow down the smoking process. Roll your own cigarette or quality pipe tobacco are great as incense. I grow, cure, ferment and flavour my own tobaccos, including N. rustic. Tobacco seeds can be purchased on-line.

Prior to ritual work I find that caffeine is the very thing. In hot weather I use cold brewed, bean coffee concentrate with ice and a little milk. A couple of those and I’m flying. Caffeine tablets are also available, don’t actually go out of date and can be used Magickally in a number of ways. Caffeine helps get me hyped, giving me the extra awareness and energies I need for full on ritual. (You can also use caffeine tablets to commit suicide. What a way to go – covered in your own white, powdery vomit but fully revved up? I’d do it naked in a shower to make it easier on those who find my corpse and partially smoked cigar.)



I have never tried tobacco in any form and very seldom drink alcohol.
What does Nicotiana rustica do for you and how much du you use under your lip?