Drugs and Magickk?

Of course most people know that certain drugs enhance spiritual connections…

Lately i have been doing Molly… and it has taken me to new heights… I have many breakthroughs in one night, that would usually take me months to have…

Anyone else have any drug related rituals or experiments they fuck with?

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[quote=“marcus, post:1, topic:7570”]Of course most people know that certain drugs enhance spiritual connections…

Lately i have been doing Molly… and it has taken me to new heights… I have many breakthroughs in one night, that would usually take me months to have…

Anyone else have any drug related rituals or experiments they fuck with?[/quote]

Are these solid results that other people could observe manifesting in your life?

Or are these results something that could just be drug induced delusion?

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“Insights” & breakthroughs are cheap, any spirit contacted by any system will usually bore your ass off for hours giving you concepts and pathworkings that will lead to insights - getting you a new car, or healing someone’s auto-immune illness, that kind of thing - not so much.

Insights are the Monopoly money of magickal endeavour, they have meaning and value in a specific context, and in that context they’re desirable, but they can’t usually be leveraged to buy you a cup of coffee in the material realm.

So yeah, watch out for what you’re actually getting here, is my main advice.


I personally don’t want to say they are drug induced delusions…


If i have been working on things… I can connect all the dots instantly… It gives me paradigm shifts quickly… My divination is pretty instant also… I can see clear vivd pictures of things and get answers to questions pretty instant …
-Almost the same as when you spend a lot of time meditating and feel that love take over… where you feel like you’re floating… Its instant with this drug…

Im gonna try to explain it best i can…
I know when i am sober and meditating… I will ask for answers etc. and if I’m not fully induced into my meditative state… The answers and visions are faint… almost to where i will doubt what I’m getting…
-While i am on molly… They are clear and overwhelming… to where you know that is what is right 100%… Recently i did some with a friend and we both were in sync with each other… And a lot of what we were talking about, only 4 weeks ago, has been manifesting with little effort…

I have also tested some things… where i would write down certain things i envisioned… and showed a select few people in my life… and we have watched them manifest… without effort from me…

The Drug connects me with my higher self a lot easier and fills me with love…

I know Shrooms and Marijuana and DMT and other Psychoactive drugs do a lot… I have even had success with lavender in ritual…

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I can’t speak comprehensively on this issue. I can just give you one anecdotal story from life: One day about a year and a half ago I drank a whole bottle of cough medicine for the hallucinogenic effect. I felt that I had connected to the spiritual world in a very powerful way. I believed that I had the power to control people’s minds by just a wave of my hand. So I “sent” a rush of power to him to influence his mind into giving me a raise. A couple days later I was fired. I wouldn’t give any stock in what you feel you are gaining from mixing drugs and magick until you have DAMN clear results. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

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What I am learning through this path is that there are medicines that help and medicines that inhibit your abilities… Anti anxiety medications inhibit… The prescription drugs etc… But Ayuascha, Shrooms, DMT, MDMA, Marijuana, LSD… Can help magical workings tremendously… Although they will bring out and reveal any demons you have hiding



My experience with drugs and magick,
I need focus and clearety.
Drugs weakens my mind and hallucinations are what they are.
It can be a magical time, under dope, ( this was the Heroïn and speed)
But now that I’m clean, Just one joint and I have to recover 3 ~ 5 days, at best.
Till I’m back in the game, and for me that is’t what I want.
I made more and better work without…

Salvia divinorum seeing entities and other things. Also ive heard that mugwort really helps with spirituality

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That was really beautiful. Like, Wow!



I use nicotine and caffeine. Various companies, like Scorpion Dokha (the Hot) sell Nicotiana rustica. As a nicotine addict, one (or two) inhalations and I’m fucked legless with crystal clear, pointed concentration. The first sign of too much nicotine is hiccups, so try to avoid that. Caffeine tablets also rev me up for Magick. Sugar is also a drug.


I’ve always been one to self-medicate. I believe in it. Done it – one way or another – all my life. As an addict to nicotine and caffeine I must take precautions to ensure I’ve always got enough of both on hand. Plus, top-shelf alcohol. There’s nothing like a straight, slow brandy/cognac, dark rum or bourbon to see you through and where I am winter is coming.

If, as a magician, you’re thinking of getting into nicotine may I strongly suggest a sub-ohm vapouiser (like the Epuffer Titan X) and nicotine salts. There’s nothing quite so emboldening as a strong nicotine habit. If you couple that with strong coffee and a few caffeine tablets you’ll be on your way. Trust me, I’ve spent many times amid the smoke clouds in the sweaty, heart-thumping netherworld. And once you get the hang of nasal snuff, that’s just superb!

I highly recommend nicotine for Magickal workings. Ceasing use is great for me an hour and a half, maybe two hours before baneful workings because by that time I’m starting to perspire, am fucking ready to kill and spitting venom. During ritual; nicotine gives short, crystal clear thought. After ritual a slow pipe of Virginia just brings me down to Earth.

Caffeine really gets me jittery, fidgeting and ready to go. Heightens my ability to collect, move and direct energy/energies. My body associates caffeine with nicotine, so when I take it before baneful work I just go ballistic. I’m hyper and full of almost uncontrollable hatred, spite and viciousness. Nothing and no one can even get in my way!


Addiction is hell. Breaking one even worse…if ur not an addictive type, i recommend THC and Salvia Divinorum…if salvia is legal in ur state

I was an addict to the nastiest substance on earth, and got the highest highs possible from it…It robbed me of my libbido which should have been the first warning…My face in pictures then are unrecgnoizable, i looked haggard, tired worn…easily delusuional…and in rehab, i made the thing into a goddess…BIG FUCKING MISTAKE…Dextrmethorphan is this horror’s name.

After a seizure, I stopped abruptly…took a year for mind to feel normal, something still feels missing…like a neurological deficit …in retaliation, the entity had almost killed a freind of mine. The spirit caused them to get a burn that was not explainable that required 3 skin grafts…

Addiction’s not the point. Turning drugs into goddesses or gods is a very very very bad idea…thats my only point…especially if the reason u are making it an entity is to escape rehab…

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