Drug protection?

i have done some drugs at parties sporatically, (not hard drugs) and would like a little extra protection because obviously it’s not legal. is there a demon/spirit that represents drugs or maybe protects from police? anything that would help with not getting caught? :slight_smile:

Bael for concealment, Belial to dodge the law.



Don’t ever let anything become a habit. What starts as a one night stand can linger to a fling and before you know it you’re wrapped up warm in a grey cocoon with a dream that got away.

It’s not a habit if you don’t pay for it but… keep your distance from anything that could possibly be abused. As long as it’s an event and not an answer to certain problems you’ll be fine

Watch for that critical moment though. Once you have some of your own and it’s not weed, alcohol, or psychedelics, you’re in and are placing bets against your own nature.

Addiction always starts as a solution to a problem, usually a seemingly great answer to a big lifelong one. Then it turns on you and you’re the last one to know

Don’t do that to yourself. Keep it at an arms length, have fun, and don’t pay for anything.