Drive someone away

I want to send my father away from home I don’t want him here again,he abuses my mother psychologically, he disturbs our peace all day long.

I want her to leave the house and never come back until she retires,please call law enforcement or police, don’t make suggestions, if I was going to do that, I wouldn’t be talking about it here.

What entity can I take my father to, who do I call, I want him to leave this house and leave me and my family alone, that’s all.

Do you want me to try bestow peace on you and your family with Archangel Haniel?

Since my childhood, I have been very restricted, I have experienced violence, I have always experienced traumas because of this.

i was never really happy for hurting me and my family i want it so bad revenge is not peace,I want her to leave this house immediately and never come back unless I want her to.

Ok. I can’t do that but when you want peace between each other message me.

I just want to enjoy my 20s I want to be peaceful and happy once again in my life I want to know what peace means

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I can’t send you a message can you send it to me?

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