A few nights ago. I dreamt I was in my bedroom and walked out to use the restroom or the lounge or anything related to house things. Anyways so I’m walking out of my bedroom and I hear this low voice, like inaudible, almost growling sound animal like but machine like as well because it was constant needing no breath.

I did not see the demon or spirit which came to me. But I was given a name. But I did not hear a voice say it. It was telepathic almost like I just knew what name it was. Like instant knowing. The name which came to me was.


I didn’t feel threatened in the dream. I wasn’t scared that this weird event was happening. I usually have weird dreams. But this one stood out for me because it was lucid considering I was in the house it could be astral travel but not intentionally. Things feel a little different around me as well as if Im being watched typing this journal out.

I never meditated on Eligos nor have I tried contacting him. But I have been gathering as much information about demonology and magick. So for me the only connection I can think of is when my eyes scan sigils from looking at all the information and someway somehow Eligos has made contact with me.

I don’t know what this means or how one should go about this.

Thus far I’ve done ahrimanic meditations and chanted the black flame mantra over the past few weeks with dedication

I’ve done Rose Crowley’s invoking adversity meditation as well. It really helps me a lot

Apart from that I’ve been pushing myself to the limits and making progress on my own personal development. So much so that I feel ready to make the next big move.

Could Eligos be trying to connect with me because of this reason. Is this common? What’s the recommended move for me from here?

I cleanse my space and know that I am the middle pillar so my shields are up. But should I be concerned. Should I just continue my path as is and see where it goes?
I’d appreciate some help and anything you might know what to do in such situations and any information I can seek out on Eligos other than the Goetia or personal Gnosis of the demon.

Thank You


On my end many demons have visited me via dream state where the astral body generally is not bound on our physical body, unless in our waking state.

That means the same principle as in dating, you will have a much bigger chance getting laid or and a great relationship(if you want too) for example when the partikullar person is first interested in you and comes to you and you are taking this chance .

When the demon isnt hostile and you dont feel any form of thread or some kind of negativity towards you it is a good sign of interest of working, maybe also has some important informations-transformation processes for you.

Just go ahead if you are feeling it is right and get in contact.

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Thanx for giving me your take on situations like these. Makes a lot of sense. I still feel his presence around me. And most likely he wants to work with me in some way as he approached me 1st. He seems like a pretty legit demon considering his bio and we resonate in regards to mind work and ascension.

Gemini season as well plus Mercury Retrograde. The signs ruling planet. Both dealing with communication and the mind and those are some correspondences I’m aware of externally where his energy could be more comfortable in.

I’ll research a lil more about him and prepare for official contact with Eligos and see if its truly him and whether or not there’s something I need to be aware of or if he can help me in some way as you say. Maybe something more than what my human mind can fathom.

Once again thank you for your response. Truly appreciate it

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May your endevours prosper!

Naga Bless!

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