Does anyone else sneak into those they care abouts dreams in disguise just to be close to them???


How does one do that?

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But to answer your question, yeah, I totally would do that if I knew how. Sounds fun :slight_smile:

Don’t know, i’m so compartmentalised, like mentally and soul/astrally i’ve been broken up like a horcrux. When im asleep and i return to base, i like to runs certain dreams or sims for those i hate or love and join them in said dream, obviously my subordinates have something to do with it too. Like after dream walking with others i went off on my own running military drills as a soldier or CIA agent stealing and selling drugs and weapons to terrorists lol

Oh. Okay then lol

This is brand new to me bro, only realised id been doing it all my life until now. I bring up the subject for that very reason, because i want to see a lot of people i need to speak with.


Hope some show up, it’s something in interested in learning more about as well :slight_smile:

Interesting, so this explains your other thread of being summoned. I do hope others come to give an opinion as well.