Dreamwalking experience, is it true?

Ok I want to run something by you guys. I assume some people on here have done “dreamwalking” where you communicate with people through dreams. My question is, is E.A. doing this? I ask this because I have had three experiences that I can think of that stick out to me, of E.A. showing up in my dreams. Granted its possible I just got it from watching his videos etc, but here are the three I can remember:

  1. I was in some sort of mixture of a casino and classroom, E.A. was in a room teaching a bunch of people and left, assuming he was done. He went up an escalator and saw me at the bottom, he said “when your serious about your ascent, then contact me”

  2. I had a weird dream about buildings and condominiums, something totally off the wall, then all of a sudden the dream stopped, my vision went pitch black and I clearly herd E.A.s voice say “what I like to do, whenever I dream, is think back on the dream and find the symbolism in it”

  3. I was in some old desert middle-eastern like town, at a shopping area. There was a table with necklaces, and bracelets. I turned to my left and E.A. was there and we were talking, yet I can’t remember what we talked about.

What do you think, is this just random stuff or something more? Granted I’ve never met E.A. in my life.

Wow, I have totally had very vivid and strong dreams that E.A. was in. At the end of the most recent dream he was in of mine (I only had two.) there was a knock (Only a single knock.) at my door of my bedroom and my dog starting going nuts (Barking and running around the house.).

I am sceptical that I was actually talking to E.A. and am more on the side that it was my own mind producing this. But that doesn’t explain the knock. But in all honestly I don’t know.

Sounds like regular dream fluff. EA is more likely to show up in your dreams because he’s the front man for the BALG empire, all attention is focused on him. Dreams follow where attention goes, so it’s only natural he’d show up if you’re a fan of his work, or even if he annoys you to the point of distraction.

But you never know. If the person you’re dreaming with isn’t lucid, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from a regular dream character.

My first and only experience with meeting a powerful magician in a dream was incredible!

I met Aleister Crowley in a dream, and he taught me how to shapeshift in the Astral Plane.

Here’s how it went down:

I found myself in a massive spire. I appeared on some sort of summoning circle in the topmost level of the spire. I don’t know how I knew it was a spire, yet, I was somehow capable of viewing the entirety of the outside of the structure outside of myself.

So there I was, having appeared in the circle. Aleister Awaited me. I could see him, before me, his back to me, as he sat in the chair of a grand organ whose pipes crawled up the massive walls of this top dome of the spire.

The room composed of the circle I was in, located in the center of the room. Behind me, was a huge circular opening in the dome, which I later realized quite obviously was the exit we’d be taking after we both shapeshifted in to Ravens and flew out of the spire, through that circular opening. The opening was large enough to accommodate a very large creature - which I guessed was for when Crowley shapeshifted to a dragon or something else incredibly large.

He got up off the chair of the organ, turned to me, and glared. Then he began to speak - “It’s nice to meet you. I see you have been incredibly interested in my works and have been delving a great deal in to my writings, with a profound interest in the style of western magick I helped to create.”

Then he basically zoomed all the information in to my mind that I’d need to know to shapeshift, and I telepathically knew it was time to shapeshift in to a raven with him, and fly out the circular opening.

We both shapeshifted to ravens, flew out the opening, and I woke up!