Dreams of Various Daemons (More Qs than As)

Last night I had a dream of multiple daemons. Of course the first one to appear to me was Baphomet since he is the main one I’m currently working with. (There was also some some nsfw stuff going on)

Shortly thereafter Beleth (Bilet) appeared to me. He was trying to get something across to me but he beat-around-the-bush too much for me to understand. He had this attitude of “why am i here…”. He eventually threw me some book that read B.I.B.L.E from bottom-to-top. It was an acronym for something but i couldn’t read it.

Eventually I went outside was greeted by a group of Daemons known as Legion. Somehow they knew who I was before I recognized them. As if we met before.

Later I found Lucifer. He was acting very strange like he was afraid something was going to happen to him. I don’t know what though cause he was acting in such a way it stopped him from stating what the problem was.

Would someone please explain this hot mess to me??

Sounds mostly symbolic , obviously the spirits would be highly intelligent , so the messages in themself are highly symbolic


Without context, it’s hard to try and ascertain any meaning from your dream(s). Was there a question you had posed to the spirits? Has there been something plaguing your mind and heart in terms of your spiritual path?

Well I have been questioning whether or not to work with Beleth but I’ve yet to get any closer into looking up information about him. So maybe thats his way of saying hurry df up. XD

For Legion I cant quite say…Maybe it has something to do with a past life but i’ve never delved that deep into it.

As for Lucifer I’m at a total loss. .__.

TBH, I’d just start reading the bible and asking for direction from all those demons. Petition them, and read whatever you feel like reading. Pay attention to your dreams. And see if anything gets clearer. The BIBLE seemed to be a pretty glaring and obvious clue in my opinion.

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