Dreams of a serpent woman

I had passionate all over the house sex with a serpent woman in my dream, at times she would slither across the floor which was black and white tile and I rode her and others, she would walk as a human. She had two faces, one was reptilian and as a snake, the other was a beautiful woman’s face with serpentine yellow eyes. She bit me on my arm and left 3 marks upon the right side. She bit me many times, but i didn’t notice them as prominently as the marks. I distictly remember being told to let these things happen as such is the nature of pain and passion and nothing can truly harm my dream form. I believe it was Lilith who visited, or perhaps the more totemic aspect of Astaroth being that I asked if she was a queen cobra and she replied “there is no such thing, only a king, as you are.” I don’t remember much beyond these words, but what a thrilling experience nonetheless.

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Wow, was it chequered? I realise that may seem a weird comment but I refer to this:

8. Astral Decor

When travelling in non-physical realms, spirits often appear in environments that have chequered floors (not necessarily black and white) and columns, like a classical Greek temple look, regardless of the cultural associations of that spirit, and often very large doors, which appear (if they were in a physical location) maybe 30 or 40 feet tall;

Detail from “Harmonia” by Virginia Frances Sterrett

From this topic: Common Experiences Among Magicians

I’m getting a STRONG Astaroth vibe from this fwiw but I do not work closely with either Lady so don’t let that carry too much weight.

It certainly seems like she was into you! :+1:


For some reason, Kebechet came to mind. She’s the serpent-headed daughter of Anubis and the goddess of purification and freshness. She often assists her father with mummification alongside the four sons of Horus and is associated with embalming liquid.


it was checkered and reminded me of an Egyptian/baroque throne room.


Hmm I’ll research kebechet. I want to attempt drawing this. As a sort of honor to the memory.