Dreams and Information Overload

So 2 weeks ago out of nowhere Azazel comes to me in a dream. Mind you, I hadn’t made contact with him before and hadn’t even planned on forming a relationship with him until a little later. But here he appeared in my dream and leads me through the woods to a clearing. There we stood at the base of what he called “his mountain…” I can’t go into too much detail but he made it clear that I was to work with him and that the mountain top is the destination. That weekend I did my first evocation with him. He confirmed it was him that called me. He was definitely welcoming but straight to the point with little words (although a lot of action). Ever since first contact, many interesting things occurred and even lined up with my other workings.

Now to the point of the topic. So ever since I got back into magick I’ve noticed that regularly when working with various spirits that I get these dreams that seem to be an overload. There’s so much crammed in there that I can’t even write anything down because it runs together (similar to how someone does a half-ass job of mixing paint but leaves streams of unmixed color). Other times it’s like thousands of pictures be flipped in a few seconds within my mind. It usually doesn’t make sense until it starts to unpack in my subconscious.

From what I can tell this is like the spirit giving you a “data/information dump”. What’s interesting to me that after an occurrence like that happens, I end up for the next couple days or weeks obtaining new gnosis, symbolic visions, confirmations, ideas for rituals or spells, and sometimes directions on the next move I make, etc. There’s a lot of different way that this gets unpacked.

I know I’m not the only one that has this happen but I’m just wanting some confirmation and even share similar experiences. Has anyone else had a similar experience with seemingly unintelligible information/data being “downloaded” into your mind (especially through dreams)? Obviously it won’t be unintelligible for very long.

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Yes, I’ve experienced the same thing, even though I prefer to call them “insights”. It happens to me sometimes through dreams but most of the time I receive new ideas or gnosis through random ideas that pop into my head after witnessing a “random” event in the street

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