Dreaming with demonds

Hello I need help I started dreaming with the devil, sometimes i think about doing really horrible things and it’s hard to sleep at night but when dreaming i see the devil how can I kick out of my body this unwanted presence?

Horrible things like killing your family, or horrible like whipping your dick out in church? There are degrees. If it’s the former as much as i hate them you may want to see a psychiatrist for that. And as for kicking out the devil from your body, why the hell would you want to do that??? He’s like the coolest motherfucker on this planet man;) Maybe he’s testing you to see if you can handle what true power looks like. or maybe your fighting your own fear of power?

Yeah he is testing him. I think its the infestation of Christianity that needs to leave his system before he can truly see the Gods in their True Light.

I think that you are fighting your own mind at the moment. You will need some time to re-program your mind of religion. I used to be exact same, I had a lot of horrible dreams but once I started meditating and experiencing spiritual world, I noticed that it was just my own mind and fears who made this happen to me. Read more things from this forum, read experiences and all other things which seems interesting for you related to magick. Start learning more about energy and how to control it, and to protect yourself and much more. As I said, I personally had some experiences with spirit(s) and events which happened in physical world from lucid dream(s). Trust me, you are very powerful, but to realize that you need to defeat your own fears and doubts. To defeat them, you need to face them, not one per one, but all of them at the same time, if it’s needed, show everyone that you are really powerful. That’s all what I can suggest you at the moment.