Dreaming the lottery numbers

My father had a dream many years ago about lottery numbers. He said he dreamed them, then he woke up and when he went to sleep again, he dreamt the same lottery numbers again. Everytime he went to sleep he dreamt the same until he woke up, got a piece of paper and wrote them down. Since then he didn’t dream them anymore. In the following years until today, he never won a big amount in the lottery.

Is there a spirit that can guide me to who told him the numbers and if it is worth to continue playing them? Looking to investigate the matter.

From what i was told and have read the lottery isn’t a route to go for wealth. But you could try King Purson, Vassago and Orobas.

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This is where I’d like to be able to do automatic writing via channeling/possession because the numbers in dreams can fade fast (I get really groggy in the morning and the only thing I’ve found greater than coffee is meditating rituals trying to invoke some energy from certain beings… atm Lucifer, Lillith, Samael). I probably should research ones specific for memory and I’m sure there are plenty out there. Thinking on the lottery or magic squares, enochian, etc it sure reminds me of Sudoku, bingo, and Keno. And all that just screams to me some sort of oriental spirit for some reason (probably all them fortune cookie fortunes I had that always have numbers on them).

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Totally agree to not be dependant on winning the lottery. I’m just wondering what it is all about.

The numbers were very clear and they repeatedly came until he wrote them down (which was after 4-5 dreams)

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Yeah so you should ask a demon. Azazel, King Paimon, Orobas, Vassago, Purson. An endless amount of spirits really.