Dreaming of white worms

Hello guys I am not good at interpretating dreams please help.

So I dreamed about a bunch of white worms coming out of my mouth, I am pulling them out but then I wake up. What do you guys think means?

Thank You in Advance.


My first instinct was to wonder if you struggle with gossip or some other related speech impediment. Or perhaps there’s something you NEED to say…?

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Especially since they were “pulling them out” of their mouth and not “in”?

I’d look into the symbology of worms, then white, then mouth and also consider what these things personally mean to you.


Thank you guys for your replies, I really appreciate it also wanna say sorry for the super late reply as I’ve been busy the past weeks. I also figured out what was the dream about. Before that dream,Astaroth visited me in my room while I am meditating, and tbh I only evoke Lord Clauneck ever since I become aware of the dark magic. I am into esports betting and I think Astaroth wants me to quit that habbit of mine.