Dreaming of Summoning Lucifer

Hello guys, I was kinda interested in summoning King Paimon but decided that I won’t and will just wait for his call if I am ready. It’s because I never summoned a demon before. Complete newbie. I tried summoning an angel before but I think that failed.
But then just today I dreamt of Lucifer. In my dream I was summoning him and was able to. Then I wished three specific wishes plus one more. I couldn’t remember the other two but what I remember was initially I asked a wish but decided that this wish should be the top priority. I felt an immense energy getting into me, then I just said to myself I don’t want him possessing me and I hope this wasn’t the case. The force stopped and my mind got clear as ever. I looked around, and saw my three wishes on the wall. I only remember the first one tho, which is “a kind relationship” (Note that I am dating someone right now.). My family and other people were there in my dream but they probably cannot see the things written in the wall. I looked around again then saw an actual demon, which I think is Lucifer. He didn’t scare me and I felt like I knew him before already.
Then my dream ended with me recognizing it was a dream and thinking of what to buy him as a friendly offering.

What does this mean? Anyone wants to give their thoughts? Prior to this I started seeing 1111 and other repeated numbers consistently too. Thanks!


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Well, it’s clear enough already. You either summoned him in the astral or he wants you to summon him. Either way, you should summon him and talk to him, since he seems to want that.

However, in order to do that, you should develop your astral senses, learn a banishing method or two and get ready for it in general. Feel free to search the forum for any kind of info you need. We pretty much have everything. Also, do check out the BALG FAQ (which I will update before the new year arrives, so that’s a good chance to go for it!).

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