Dreaming of Crocodiles

Okay i have had enough, can anyone tell me why im dreaming of crocs? This is not the first time, few weeks ago i had this dream its weird
I didnt have much fear seeing them this time i saw its tail attacking me
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Goetia - Agares
Could be this guy trying to say hello.

Egyptian - Sobek
Could also be this guy saying hello


My dreams are crazy at times, definitely defined them to my current situation in life…
Your spirit brother Benji666

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Thank you ill check it out
Do you know how to evoke sobek?

damn true i’ve had some crazy dreams cant even explain man

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Could be just your imagination/subconscious mind, though could also be related to spirit animals, among other things. There’s usually possible meaning in terms of what’s going on in your waking life.


Well i did see a lake and a warning sign beware of crocs (not a dream real life) the other day before my dream , ?maybe thats why
I always liked crocs they seem interesting

Your vision with the crocodile attacking you with its tail instead of a frontal assault might suggest that you cannot see what you need to in life with an unexpected attack and foretells deceit, associated with hidden enemies and changes in life.

The crocodile is adaptable in the wild the dream is connected to being flexible in life. Something might be threatening your lifestyle or ambitions, goals?


No idea man, I’ve not messed much with Egyptian stuff.

I had a dream of crocodiles too, like there two of them, one was swimming in a lake where I was walking next to, and another was in a house I use to live in, and he was just walking around, and looking at me.

Interesting visions. Crocodiles indicates that somebody close to you is being dishonest, as you see this deceptive and deadly reptile in your home and when you are walking near a lake, showing his deception, as he is hiding in the water, lurking, waiting for you to slip and fall into his trap, you need to break free from your routine and focus on how you can progress in life, seeing pitfalls before they happen, research new projects first and don’t just dive into the unknown, as you might be bitten and duped if you don’t know what you’re doing.


I dream about crocodiles often, and usually a whole bask of crocodiles. My understanding is that they represent primal emotions, such as fear and panic.
Having said that, I also live in Australia where the threat of crocodile attack can be real.

I’ve never been attacked by one in a dream though.

crawl is a 2019 movie about crocodile. Entertaining… Sallos rides crocodiles.

Well, I’m about to use the instructions of Shamanism tonight, that were provided by @Lady_Eva perhaps my Spirit guide will tell me what I need to do and how I can avoid this Crocodile’s trap. Also I remember another thing about my dream, the one in my home was snapping at my mom and sister, very lazily, like the beast just snapped its jaws at them, while I sat on the couch. Oh, just letting you know, I have no love for my mother or sister, so yeah just remembered it while I was trying to recall if there was any meaning or anything else I remember.

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The vision of a crocodile snapping its jaws at your family that you are being warned about a looming threat or danger to your mother or sister.

It could also mean that you need to be more aware of possible problems that may arise with family matters that may escalate in the near future.


I came across the mesoamerican world tree the other day by chance, which is a caiman. in relation to spirit animals reaching out to you, it’s interesting to consider. Perhaps theres a calling to go visit your world tree?