Dreaming about Lucifer and Baphomet, some questions

Before I begin, sorry for my english, it’s not my main language!
So hi everyone! I’m here to share something that is bugging me a little, I would like some insight too.

in 2016 I began having these strange dreams where I would talk with Lucifer and he would explain me lots of things, like how our universe works and who he was. In the same year, I also had a dream with Baphomet, in which he was giving me his hand for me to follow him for we to talk. Let me say that this was the year that I become “active” while meditating and I was really interested in Goetia and other entities that I don’t know how to categorize here yet. Both were really nice and I felt really good while I was talking with Lucifer, it was almost like we already knew each other for a long time and we talked like good friends. Baphomet was random (I didn’t do anything at all prior to the dream) and I did a little comic on it afterwards, just to remember how it happened: https://imgur.com/a/Tg0uT

The thing I wanted to know is, should I rely on dreams when it comes to “talking” and “evoking” demons or any gods? I know that dreams can be tricky when it comes to those subjects, but I want to make sure. I feel like I have a really strong bond with Lucifer but I don’t want to keep thinking that just because I had a dream about him, that’s why I’m asking for advice. Also, is it okay to only meditate while evoking? I can’t have any altars (familly reasons) although I can use incense.

The only way you’ll ever really know is by results - is the advice they give you helpful, does it help you live more fully and happily, do they warn you to avoid things that turn out to be bad, have they ever saved you from a problem against all probabilities.

If you keep track of these things it will give you some idea of how much to rely upon this kind of contact.

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To be fair I was thinking the same thing, but I was a little anxious about believing in everything literally. So thank you! I’ll make sure to explore these dreams more carefully the next time it happens! :slight_smile:


Even if you received guidance in a full-on evocation done using conventional metjods, it’s always a good idea to deploy common sense, and weigh up the potential losses of follwoing the spirits advice etc.

So take full notes, don’t try to do analytical overaly (“Oh they can’t have meant that”) because sometimes it works.

An example is, if a spirit tells you to eat 3 peaches a day for the next 6 months, and you think it sounds like bullshit, but you maybe fdo it…

20 years later you rerad in the news that a chemical you were exposed to through your work causes a rare kind of cancer, and the only known counter for that is a substance found in peaches, but, says the scientists in the article, “A person would need to eat at least 2 - 3 a day for a period of several months to be at a safe level.”

I won’t be too precise but there are situations where things like that happened in my own life, utterly weird advice (and sometimes, requests) that turned out to be valid and for reasons I could not possibly have picked up, subconsciously or otherwise, myself.

If on the other hand the advice was to drink gasoline, you’d know the spirit was saying something dumb, and later again you may find out why they said it, but it would be for a different reason.


Loved the comic dude!

And yea Baphomet shows up a lot in my dreams
whats weird is that we aren’t talking he is just in the background kinda watching what I’m dreaming of

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Thanks! That’s interesting, with me it was an one time dream and that was it!
Have you ever tried to talk with him in your dreams?

I’ve never been Lucid in my dreams with Baphomet
It’s odd its like he’s just watching and it isn’t like he’s there in a form it’s more subtle like I’d be talking to let’s say my mom and my desktop wallpaper would be him, it’s very subtle like that just in the background
or some guy in the crowd would be wearing a t-shirt with him on it while the rest of the dream seems normal.

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