Dreaming about a Bat, please help me out

Hi there, this week a saw a lot of crows, and saw a few bats. I even dreamed about Bats yesterday, on the internet I found that dreaming about bats is quite the warning but in my dream the bat was hugging my with his wings and it felt like he was protecting me.
Does someone know what this could possibly mean and if there are any deity’s assosiated with bats?

I know that crows are the symbol of hekate but I still wanted to know if someone has more information for me?


There is a Mexican deity associated with Bats.idk much about him though

Also Bats could be a totem animal of yours


Thankyou so for your responsie! I appreciate it!
I feel like it could might be a animal totem indeed

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Good luck!!

Camazots, the vampiric god of the Mayans. Never worked with him actually.
Bats are a classical manifestation of this current, this is something I will talk about with more details in my upcoming book.

Some demons like Gaap also appears under the form of a bat.


Thankyou so much for your comment

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You wellcome

I once had a dream that I was surrounded by a whole bunch of snakes and trying to flee them and they eventually cornered me but circled around me and this turned out in a way to be a premonition because shortly after I bought Qlipothic Meditations where Aseanath Mason mentioned Naamah being surrounded by serpents in the Cave of Lilith. Coincidence? I think not!

what are you trying to say here?

I was giving a response of something familiar happening to me. Just like how this individual was surrounded by bats in a dream, I was surrounded by snakes which I think was a calling from Naamah. Whom I have worked with a few times along with her sisters.