Dream with a Succubus

Hi everyone,

I wanted some days ago have more vivid dreams with my succubus, this night I had one, no I had some…
One of them was nice I was able to see her, to kiss her etc … Nothing too far we didn’t do the S act.
But I had one other really vivid dream, where I was in my bed, and partly unable to move and she was touching me ( I was not able to see her, but I know she was touching me ) …

But the thing is that I had my lower back really in pain, it was really hard to not cancel the dream and to stay inside. Anyone knows what it means ?

For information when I woke up my lowerback wasn’t in pain at all, it was just in my dream. I had just some ghost pains where I felt a little bit but not really like the real experience.

Another thing, she’s interacting with me physically, she literally touches what is on my desk, and when I’m on my bed trying to sleep after one or two minutes she just jump over my bed, and I feel her when she is on it.

Thank you.


Spiritual entities within lucid dreams or the more spirit realms are able to do accelerated healing and even instantaneous nullifications of various maladies and that’s just further proof of you making contact and having interactions with your succubus. She is definitely a keeper.


What, I didn’t understood, can you explain a little bit more ?

What is a keeper ?

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A keeper, you mean a guardian ? (I’m french so this is why I don’t get the literal meaning of your sentence mybad)
But do you really think that having a pain in the lowerback means that ?

What I mean is it’s common for spiritual entities like Succubi to be able to heal a person. Look into The Goetia and you will find several spirits that specialize in healing but theoretically they can all do it. Just that some spirits have much more specialized proficiency within healing that other ones. As for a “keeper” that just means that sounds like a spirit you want to keep around since she is taking care of you in that beneficial manner.


A keeper is someone that you want to keep in your life, it sounds to me that your succubus takes good care of you and you should take care of her. I wish i can find someone like that. Don’t push her away?

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Aernyl oh ok le français dans votre langue maternelle. Google Translate devrait faire du bon travail avec votre langue.

Elle est une gardienne, une Américaine et signifie bien une personne dans ce cas une entité que vous voulez garder proche alors qu’elle vous traite bien.

J’espère que le système a fait du bon travail en traduisant l’anglais en phrases judicieuses en français.

Ce que je veux dire, c’est qu’il est courant que des entités spirituelles comme Succubi soient capables de guérir une personne. Regardez dans The Goetia et vous trouverez plusieurs esprits spécialisés dans la guérison, mais théoriquement, ils peuvent tous le faire. Juste que certains esprits possèdent des compétences beaucoup plus spécialisées dans la guérison que d’autres. En ce qui concerne la «gardienne», cela signifie simplement que cela ressemble à un esprit que vous souhaitez conserver, car elle prend soin de vous de cette manière bénéfique.

Don’t translate, I understand english x). It was just the term Keeper.

Anyway, two days after that particular dream, I was about to sleep, and every time I was on my left or right side I literally felt her on my bed, she litterally jump over me every time, it’s crazy how I can really feel her.

But when I was on the left side, my right ear was uncovered and I could listen something, a sound but like a signal at high frequency. Two low signal, and another one much more higher that litterally make me turn the head.
So I thought lay on my back was a better idea, and so I did.
And then instead of signal sound, my body reacted to something that I cannot hear, and I felt something in the middle of my forhead like if I had a third eye or like if she was touching this area.
After 2 minutes, I felt my body completely locked and a voice started to come from infront of me.
The entitie : “me moi” in english “…ve me”
She said that 3 times and the last time she tried she said :
“aime souffle” in english “love” and then a little blow of air like if she was tired to speak or something.

After that I tried to dream about her, but I was too tired by that communication that I just slept

I had in the next morning a weird dream about the temple of the sun, and an old kind guy with a white bear, and me being prisonner and trying to escape by the sea, like Aquaman but I think this dream was not relevant at all so don’t bother trying to understand it, since the sun was already up it has no real meaning.

So what do you think about the interaction that I had ?
Also, sometime I cannot think : " What if, this is not a succubus, and just another entitie, what if this entitie is a male ?!"
I cannot imagine to surrender myself to a male entitie, I just hate this idea…

Feel free to answer if you have any question advices.


How do u have your own succubus plz tell me i also want one