Dream with a demon meaning?

Background: I don’t work with demons, I work with Archangels (especially Michael, Raphael, and most recently Zadkiel), so I’m having trouble identifying who this entity might be. Also, I can’t even remember ever dreaming about a demon at all, so this is unusual for me.

Dream summary: I was standing in some really bright room (no darkness anywhere, it was all light and bright) and a demon was beside me, though he was sitting on a chair. He seemed like he was having a meal at a table, and there were other people but I couldn’t identify them because it was so bright.

What he looked like: This demon had really light-colored skin, it looked a bit glossy (like jelly), he was bald, he looked really old and wrinkly with a long nose, and had like 6-8 tiny little horns in his head. His appearance reminded me of the character Viktor in Underworld, with his chest showing and some dark cloth covering him from the waist down.

What he did: I don’t remember him telling me anything or doing anything in particular, other than standing up at some point and spreading his wings (they looked dark, without any feathers, like bat wings). He seemed frustrated, but not angry, upset, or hostile in any way.

How I felt: He didn’t seem menacing at all, he didn’t threaten me or anything, but I was feeling really uncomfortable and didn’t welcome his presence in my dream. When I woke up, my chest was hurting and I just said a short prayer to Archangel Michael and went back to sleep (this entity from the dream didn’t come back).

Any idea on who this spirit/demon/entity might be and what his purpose might be for getting into my dream?

All I can find online are just awful, generic omens, but I suspect people familiar with these kind of spirits (you!) will know better.

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I can’t say for certain which spirit it was, perhaps a specific spirits name or sigil has been standing out to you in previous days or weeks though. That could be a clue.

What did it mean?

My best guess is that the spirit was making contact checking you out. It may be a spirit who wants to work with you, or has worked with you that you might not be aware of. There are plenty of possibilities in that avenue.

I wouldn’t be scared or worried by it. It seems like many Magicians as they grow in abilities and faculties especially the clair senses seem to get noticed by a broad range of spirits. That’s very possible that’s what this is.

I was taught if you are uncomfortable or don’t wish to parley with an entity that you tell it directly, yet respectfully “thank you but I’m not interested”. Then keep it moving.

I could be totally wrong too about what this is but I hope what I said resonates for you and gives you some peace of mind.