Dream with 3 men Dress in black suits wearing a Hat

So Two nights ago I dreamed of 3 men in a black dark suits surrounding me in the middle, felt really good but weird, because I was dreaming I remember I was on my knees and I shaking one of their hands… like an agreement that I cant recall. The one confusion about this dream is that this happen in a mansion/big house ect. I can recall being expensive usually around what I like =my taste. This might sound stupid but felt like a very vivid dream, very quick but very real. couldn’t figure it and still cant. help is much appreciate it

Thank you all =)


Here are some questions:

  1. What does the number 3 mean to you?
  2. Why are the men wearing black suits?
  3. Why is the central focus of your dream wealth?
  1. What does the number 3 mean to you? everything comes in 3 for me lately.
  2. Why are the men wearing black suits? I love the color black and I love suits especially dark.
  3. Why is the central focus of your dream wealth? because I seek Wealth and is on my mind 24/7 and other reasons related to money.
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There’s your answer then, I think this is just a normal dream bud. Normal dreams are manifestations of conscious or subconscious desires. If it were a spirit sending you a message, it would have meaning in layers, and would take a bit of pondering to figure out.

See how fast you knew the answers to those questions? You knew them all along.

In the future ask yourself about the subjects, properties, and occurrences in dreams, then understand what these things symbolize to you, because it’ll be different from person to person.


ahh I see Thanks.

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Many demons use symbols as a way of communicating there identity, the black suits is a messenger responding to your rituals, outlined with you on your knees and shaking hands indicates agreement with your goals.

Baal or Lucifer uses the color black as an identifier and assorted clothing to convey a message, announcing His presence and number 3.

The number 3 can represent the pagan Trinity of earth, fire, water or the elements of earth that surround you, meaning Lucifer has heard your ritual and is sending you a sign.

To see yourself in a mansion with the symbols of this deity denotes that you should look at areas of your life that have not been developed or explored. There is a sense of working on a project to achieve your goals of success that could be rewarding and that you are headed in the right direction.


It don’t think it is a normal dream, you should watch one of v.k.´s videos where he talks about the shadow people with a hat. They are a Saturn linked entity. Good Luck

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Makes sense, as I try to speak to BUNE, and LUCIFER, daily in morning incantations and other things, that dream felt more real then most dreams I had. thanks for the input this has been troubling me for a few days now, trying to figure it out.

Thanks so much!

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You basically made a deal with three spirits I see Lucifer as the one you shook hands with you asked them to guide you to the big money and this was their way of saying we accept


I mean, it sure took some time, literally some time, but i guess it finally happen. excited but Random at the same time.

Thank you for your help =)


Yeah, when I read this I assumed it was an astral encounter rather than a regular dream. I thought of The Hat Man as well- an entity I’ve been intrigued with for a long time now.

VK called the one he talked to “Tritaliton” but I think there are many of them that share that same silhouette or style of dress. He called them an umbral hive mind.

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Same , most fear the HAT man, I honestly would just want to communicate and get to know it.

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No problem at all I hope what you asked for comes true

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