Dream visitation?

Okay so I think I got into contact with the spirit I have been trying to reach out to. I don’t really know what type of spirit she is but the dream visitation I had should help.

Basically in the dream I was in a room on my bed under the covers, right by the bedroom window. It was my room but not my room plus the bed was a queen size and not the small one I have. It was night. I looked outside through the window to see like wind like (air) energy outside, to which it blew through the window and into my room (the window didn’t break so went through window?). The air/wind like energy then materlized next to me into a dark shadowy like figure which was her. Smoky or misty dark energy, figure of a woman but no features such as facial features/clothing/etc.

Now I forgot to mention that as the “wind” blew into the room through the air it blew off all my blankets and covers from ontop of me. So I was just laying there on the bed with nothing to cover me. I don’t know if that was on purpose. Then as usual of her, she didn’t do much but lay next to me basically “looking/watching/studying” me. No words were exchanged. She didn’t touch me either just was next to me. I definitely felt her energy/presence in the dream, and as usual not threatening but almost like a quiet but seriousness to her. Maybe thoughtful to.

Before I had this dream I have been feeling her presence/energy in my room at night again after I tried to reach out to her. I’ve been hearing alot of loud knocks or sounds on my walls of my bedroom to.

Im not sure what type of spirit she is though. I don’t know her name either. Just her presence/energy. She has been sexual in the past and although while she didn’t touch me in the dream (since the covers got blown off me)…it didn’t feel totally non-sexual cause I wasn’t wearing much in the dream.


I don’t think the shadow/misty figure like appearance is her usual cause that’s the first time she’s appeared that way in dreams to me – although her energy does have a “dark” feel to it