Dream Time #5

So this one is short and sweet. And this one is one where I suspect my incubus has disguised himself as Cloud from Final Fantasy but I could be wrong but the Cloud I was with throughout this dream was too familiar to me as a person so yeah. Anyways let’s get to it.

I can’t remember where I started or when but I was with mum at home or what I think is home. There were a few tarps with cages under it. I asked my mother what this is for and she wasn’t sure either. When I lifted the tarps there were adorable kittens underneath. I wanted to take one home with me they were so cute. But unfortunately I did not. Then my mother and I walked up to a large gate and befriended a Brachiosaurus who lent down his neck for us to pat. We tried to get to the palace I think without getting noticed by the carnivores in the process but riding on the back of a Brachiosaur wasn’t the quietest idea. My mum got tired since she has a heart condition so her heart rate isn’t suppose to go too high. I slid down and told her I’d handle it. I disguised myself as a waiter and went in. I followed other waiters, blending in without a problem. I found out their plan of poisoning specific leaders with a special red candy or chocolate. We were told to tell the guests we sent this to, to play a game of any kind and when one loses they must consume the one red chocolate while the other ate the rest. So the guest I served didn’t get told this instead I told them not to consume the chocolate as it might be poison. Despite the little girl being disappointed and kept asking why the woman with her understood. I went back outside to prepare myself. My dog then stood at attention (Yeah my dog is here). A man walked out from the shadows. ‘Cloud…’ I muttered. ‘You know me?’ He responded ‘I’ve heard of you’ I said as I held my dog back. I told him to stay a distance away since my dog has a protective nature towards me but he merely walked up to us and squished my dogs face. I was a little shocked that my dog didn’t bite his hand off but also that he was able to play with his face for so long. Once he was finished he turned to me and asked how I was going to save everyone. I wasn’t sure but I told him we’d have to go in unnoticed. We walked to a nearby shed looking for inconspicuous weapons since lugging around a giant sword would draw attention. I gave him a few options and myself a few options then we headed out. The first wave of enemies hit us fast. There were several henchmen with two ring leaders, we did out best fighting them off then I woke up.

Why are you creating separate posts for each dream? Since it is all the same topic, there is absolutely no reason why they can’t all be in the same thread.

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Just didn’t really think about it, guess I’ll do that next time

well… Cloud is hot… so i dont blame anyone for wanting that big sword :smirk:

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I think it’s also so I can keep the discussions about each separate since they’re all very different dreams and for me it’s easier to have separate discussions about them rather than one big discussion cause I’d get very confuse since I process things differently to most people. Does that explain it a little better?

Maybe Journal category might be a better fit this then?

Out of curiosity what exactly are you hoping to discuss about these dreams? I don’t even see what you think the meaning of this dream is.

I can never really be sure what the meaning of these dreams are in my first dream time I noted that I wanted to discuss what the meaning could be and what you guys think it could mean. So I can get different opinions about it.

Have you experienced the difference between dreams? Like “clear” or “pure” dreams and regular dreams? We have dreams where we are just kinda doing our own thing. Then we have dreams where something profound happens. Other times, entities are visiting us but can only work within the confine of a “regular dream”.

Only through careful study of your dreams and meticulous journaling can you know for example when Cloud is just Cloud or your incubus. And only you can tell if all this is just an interesting dream or a meaningful one.

Without any indicators of your own volunteering, we from the outside can’t do much in terms of trying to ascertain meaning. Honestly, I don’t get any meaning from this dream. It seems a regular dream in which you’re hanging out with people you know doing dream stuff. Is there anything that made this dream seem significant to you?

In some dream I do experience the things I am doing as if I was actually there whereas some I am just there even though I do activities it’s not quite the same. In some dreams I have a man with me with the same presence but just in different forms as if trying to find the right form but I might just be thinking that. Like earlier I said that some dreams I am actually experiencing what I am doing and it is the same in this one.