Dream Time #1

So this is like story time but dream version.
I want to kind of start a discussion on some of my more interpretive and memorable dreams.
I wanna know what you guys think it mean, etc.
This is the first one called ‘Dream Time’ and probably won’t be the last
So without further adue let’s talk bout last night’s dream

I can’t remember exactly how it started but at some point I was on a horse going down a road. I got off at a junction of some kind. A friend (I assume) came up to me and told me about an event that I have to attend as a part of their team against another more viscous team. I said OK and asked if they could give me a leg up. They agreed and just threw me up onto the horse too fast which made me hit my horse’s butt. My horse almost galloped away but I held on, getting control and asked my friend where I was suppose to go. After a while I reacted the destination. The structure of the building was similar to a parking lot but was empty. It seemed like I was basically chosen to represent my friend’s team while the other team had at least 100 members. I thought it wasn’t fair but I was already in the boundary so I couldn’t ask anything now. I had to move fast. I got my horse to a gallop as quickly as I could make her go and jumped the gate. We went up but ended up in a dead end. I could feel the other team closing in on me. I had to think quick. I directed my horse a different way and it became quiet. It was a room. At the end of the room was a pole and on the top was an orb. It glowed bright. ‘Was this the goal?’ I thought as we cantered up to it. Just then the doors burst open with the other team rushing in. I got my horse to a quick gallop and jumped off towards the top of the pole. I got the orb and felt its power surge into me. I ‘got rid of’ the competition. I rode out with confidence. I can’t remember what happened before I woke up but it was only a couple of minutes before I woke up from this dream.

Well thanks for reading
Hope you guys thought it was as weird and cool as I thought it was
Let me know what you guys thought :slight_smile: