Dream,Spiritual Journey of a short girl

Starting my journal here with just one photo which was my second dream communication from a Goetic ancient God.
Also my first successful connection came in last year March from the Top Himself - Lucifer.

Let’s start with Him first :

I had contacted lucifer while in tears, fed up, very emotionally charged up (read shattered) , in my bed, just looking at the ceiling fan and saying Lucifer if you can hear me please help I don’t wanna feel this way. And then I slept. In my dream which I clearly remember I heard myself say ZADKIEL to myself. That had no connection to the dream plus i had no idea who or what ZADKIEL was. I don’t even rem why I said that name. Upon research I saw it’s an Archangel and his powers were what I needed at that time with that kinda situation I was in.

In my experience - it’s your pure intention that has to call out to him. The raw and pure the emotion and intent - you will be answered. I didn’t perform any elaborate ritual or anything and He helped me instantly coz I was very genuinely asking for His help and very very emotional then. He felt the trauma through me and I personally think that’s why emotions are important. These are primordial abstract sources of raw energy forces. To help us humans they need to feel what we humans feel. So the emotions come into picture and sometimes visualisation helps too. But my emotions were sooooo heightened that time that the help came within hours. But He hears regardless.

To anyone starting out : You just need that calling from within. You’ll know. Have faith. He hears everyone.

I’d also like to mention those discouraging, arrogant and money minded ppl who act like they wanna help you but they actually don’t and rebuke and label and discourage you based on your experience. Yes magick is complex and it requires learning and patience. But nobody can tell you how successful you’re going to be based on your tenurity. You might be a week into magick and occult and you can still achieve tremendous success as opposed to someone who has dedicated 30-50 yrs of their life to their craft. To each their own but as Lucifer advised me - YOU DONT NEED ANYONE TO ACHIEVE WHAT YOU WANT.
You just have to decide when you are ready to start your journey - results, failures, successes, kind of practice etc are all your decision and only YOU can decide that. Donot ever get discouraged even if you’re being shut down by others. Let those petty ppl do what they do - you continue with what your intuition tells you.

Entities don’t discriminate - give respect, gratitude and be shamelessly honest and you’re fine.

I hope this helps everyone I know and I don’t know. :cherry_blossom::heart:


Duchess Bune ritual :slight_smile:

So it went well and this is the conversation I had in my head (as much as I can remember and also since not into divination so cannot validate the conversation being Duchess Bune or my loud convo our mind)

Me : I am sorry for being so petty and stupid and not thoughtful.

Duchess Bune : You’re not petty. Asking help is fine. We are here to help. We are guides, tutors, mentors and we help. However when you don’t learn the lesson we try to teach - it’s then you look petty to us.
Everything has a lesson - every single thing. Find it, understand it, learn it and implement it to move forward and grow in life. Your soul has to grow- that’s the whole point. Money is not important at all , you’ll see it oneday, but the lesson you learn in these situations is what’s important. You’ll only look petty and stupid to us when you refuse/fail to learn the lesson situations in life try to teach you. So relax, asking for help is not petty. But utilising the help the right way is important.

Me : Is it really you or my head pep talking to me ?

Duchess Bune : How does that matter? Listen to the advice, whether me or your intuition or your head or lungs. The message is what you need to focus on - not where it came from.

I also imagined Duchess Bune as a child this time - idk why. A child with dark/tanned skin, chubby, curly hair and was wearing a red bindi (Indian make up thing) - pretty much like a child version of a Hindu goddess . So that’s that.

I hope this is helpful and would be a great memory for me to look back on :cherry_blossom:


Another entry for an instant manifestation.

A little tension in my apartment with my flatmates. But mostly in my head. Made me uneasy.

I prayed to my Deities and Gods that I wanted love , dignity , peace and fun in this house. Even mentioned spirits that were around to hear me.

Both my flatmates came home with my fav pizza and dragged me to the living room to blasting music and we raged till early morning. Just finished my shower and am so so surprised at the manifestation coming true within hours.

So yes - THANK YOU LUCIFER, MARQUIS ORIAS and any other SPIRITS who were around and heard me. :sparkles::sparkling_heart:

All my love to the Spirits and Gods and Deities. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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A manifestation that happened in hours.


I recently started planetary magick. Nothing elaborate but mostly my own made up chants and prayers. I also notice all positive money related matters happen almost every Thursday. So today I wanted to win some amount (big or small) online through a betting app.Spoke it out loud to Jupiter, Venus and Zadkiel. No ritual, prayer or any props. Not even the hour thing. I said it out loud (to them) that I will win some money in betting game. Didn’t mention any amount and I did win 82 bucks. Its not a huge amount but it’s something.

Thank you so very much. It’s a small amount but the boost in my craft is ginormous. Magick at its finest :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


A wish came true which was scripted in my manifestation journal loaded with my own personal energy.

Not very sure of the timeline. I had written it down or maybe said it out loud sometime in January I think. No recollection. I don’t read my manifestation journal so as to not remember things. Best way to let go tbh coz we all know how difficult that is LOL.

Finding a cook within my budget in this city is quite the TASK in and of itself. I wanted a cook so bad ever since hybrid work model came into existence and working and cooking is hectic to say the very least.

Yesterday, my house help offered me her cooking services, with the timing and budget all as per my convenience. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

BOOM! Another wish came true. Funny I had made peace with the fact that I might not find a cook within budget and also timings won’t match and I have to cook myself or order in. And Twas out of my mind. And then this happened.

I just wish I knew the E X A C T method I was using for my manifestation coz I seriously don’t recall the emotion or the state of mind when I was letting go of these things. Nonetheless- THANK YOU universe and my soul. Ever so much. I love you the mostest. :kiss:


This entry is again very very confusing but a successful manifestation so yea.

I wanted this roommate to move out of the house , without causing any harm to her or anyone else, and l wanted that to manifest.

I had previously scripted that she will move out by May. I also said it out loud today that she will move out.

She was away for a vacation and I kept saying to my friends that she will move out and come back just to collect her stuff. I didn’t pour in any emotion or did any visualisation tho.

Well, she returned home today and told me that she is moving out next month. Basically just gonna be here for this month. She was away since April end and returned today.


Thank you to each and everyone who helped energetically and magikally to make this desire come true. I love you all ever so much :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

The only confusion is - I don’t know exactly what’s making the manifestation happen so quickly and what secret method am I using. Lol it’s funny that the practitioner is confused but hey we all learn our way through life.

I’d be happy for some input from anyone from this forum.

Thanks for reading :hibiscus::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Greetings from a fellow manifestor!

Not sure if you follow Neville Goddard but it seems to me that you have a wonderful self-concept. Do you regularly operate under a general assumption that things just go your way or that things will work themselves out somehow? I think it’s worth a little introspection and self-inquiry.

Generally speaking, I think even the “I don’t know how the manifestation is happening so quickly but it just IS” is an unintentional positive affirmation that’s subconsciously aggregating a self-concept that’s fruitful for speedy manifestation.

Keep it up! Your journal is wonderfully candid so far and I’m loving the enthusiasm- it’s a breath of fresh air.



Thank you so much for reading and the feedback.

I just know that I manifest by saying I WANT (and the desire) out loud. Also whenever I write things down in one of my two journals , it comes true. The scripting takes little time but the wordings happen faster.

I’ll try to Rem more next time.


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Have started to seriously dedicate my time and efforts to more self control, discipline and to access my own powers inside to achieve whatever I want with 0 collateral damages ( I Donot wish harm on anyone in any shape or form ).

From my understanding , elder Gods like Lucifer and Lilith would pay more attention to integrity, word, commitment and efforts. Not that They don’t enjoy offerings like food and beverages, but something like a commitment for a stipulated timeframe would make them proud ( I FEEL). It also helps the practitioner with self control and discipline, if one cannot control their own self how can they control and manipulate energies around them.

Lilith reached out last year but I didn’t pay attention. This time I took the chance to pray to her. My commitment to an elder Goddess like her is consuming 0 sugar for 30 days. I want her to see that I’m not here to waste her time or to be fickle minded. I want to access my Divine Feminine Goddess energy within , to have more compassion and to rise above anger. To be fierce yet not damaging.

The decision to finally pray to Lilith came days after I prayed to Lucifer, almost in tears, asking for better shadow work healing and to be able to harness my own power that sits inside waiting to be released. It has always been with Lucifer wherein He directs me to another spirit God, last time was AA Zadkiel, this time LILITH. Or so I think.

I had a dream which made it crystal clear where my fear lies in my subconscious. I dreamt of missing my train and luggage with my family in the same train. Upon calling my brother and mother - they refused to get my luggage or help me. FEAR OF ABANDONMENT - that’s what it is. Neglect, undervalued - made me quite an empath to feel too much for the ones who are hurt and alone. Including animals.

I cannot thank Lucifer enough for this revelation. It’s painful but it’s important. When asking Him how to heal and move ahead after acknowledging the fear deep in my sub, I came across a random Instagram reel that said THE NEXT THING IN YPYR HEALING JOURNEY IS TO TELL SOME PEOPLE TO FUCK OFF
We can absolutely have a very loving heart and still say fcuk off to one’s who suck the happiness out of you.

I wish humans were this helpful and considerate like the Gods, but alas that’s just a wishful thinking.

I thank you so much Lucifer and Lilith - Oneday I know I’ll be the God of my reality and one of the Gods in the cosmos. We are all our own Gods in cosmos. Just that some of us have amnesia and don’t Rem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All my love and respect and gratitude to Lucifer and Lilith :two_hearts:

PS - This journal is strictly my perception and in no way dismissing any one else’s opinion. To each their own :pray:t2::heart:

LILITH :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

It’s new moon in Lilith energy so I was listening to liliths enn and trying to meditate, with a red candle and chrysanthemum flowers, on a porcelain bowl, the candle midway went crazy and then just dropped dead. Then I wrote my wish on a paper and burnt it, it continued burning without stopping coz of spilled wax in the bowl then it broke. This was so bizarre , that bowl never broke before and all coz of the candle wax and candle went crazy and kept going off till finally and burnt in a weird way and died.

Manifestation that’s other worldly. I am working with my Fav Top Dude Lucifer, a pact regarding my shadow work, which had tremendous result day before yesterday, very painful BUT ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. I am speechless and indebted.

So, I prayed to my fav last morning regarding my wish to somehow connect with an Italian actor/model after watching a series on Netflix. In the evening I Dm’d his sister, who has thousands of followers, and told her how much I adore him. Well chances of him seeing my dm was way less, so spontaneously msged his sister. ( YES THE CRUSH IS HUGE LOL).

I just kept the faith and didn’t expect much nor did I think of something outrageous like OH HE WILL FALL HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH ME but also didn’t give up thinking it’s impossible. It is , imho, within the scope of manifestation.

Evening time, THE SISTER REPLIED. And we exchanged a few msgs. Basically she was super sweet and now I am totally in awe. This is incredible.

I don’t believe these entities, esp LUCIFER to be a part of my psyche coz my subconscious could never conjure something like this outta the blue bout someone I never ever ever knew before. I am absolutely refusing to accept any other pov. Thank you.

I’m filled with gratitude and love and awareness about this whole magick and power thing. You are one of a kind. Thank you thank you thank you.

I also hope that someone somewhere is getting inspired and hopeful. Rise my love, and the Gods will meet you there.

Another wish .

Thank You Gods, Spirits, Energy sources and my soul.

I wanted work from home and I wanted it till November. I prayed and scripted heavily.

Boom! Weeks later my office started hybrid work schedule for my dept . 1 week office and next 2 weeks wfh.

This is till November. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

I am powerful, strong and absolutely unstoppable at creating my desired reality and making my desires come true.


Communication is improving.

Saturday’s are for Lucifer. In fact most of the days of the week are. I prayed and spoke to Him - telling him my desire to becoming a better witch and a better human being.

Hours later I was browsing trough YouTube and came across a video by Frater named MAD GROWTH. Basically explaining how growth has stages and once the gestation period is over, the rate at which one grows is insane.

Exact message that I needed. My growth is steady and soon it’s gonna skyrocket. Perseverance, practice and faith.

I am grateful beyond words. Hail Lucifer!!!

First time with Astaroth!!!
It went really well and stated everything simply. I think the key to better communication with Spurirs would be to KISS - Keep it short and simple. Honesty and specification are a must too.

I am happy and I am grateful. Thank you so very much Astaroth. It was so so sudden and swift and I cannot thank you enough.

Until next time - Much love and respect to you !

Second session with Astaroth complete.

Strange, that candle stand later caught fire on the top part. I put it out in the bathroom and the top portion exploded and broke. Don’t know if it’s a mishap or a sign from Astaroth - since I asked for one and a veryyyyy clear one.

I wonder if Astaroth and fire element have a connection.

In anyway - Thank you and Hail Astaroth!:heart::heart::heart:

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