Dream question

I had a dream the other night where I was in a neighborhood and everyone was using Magick and sorcery but my skills were very limited and couldn’t help.

Is this just more of a dream of wanting to get stronger with Majick or a sign from one of the entities that I have reached out to?

Probably that you are wanting to get stronger. Meditate, raise your kundalini, anything that will help you gain power.

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Seems lik a self belief that you aren’t.
Ad CrypicAce mentioned meditation & Kunadlini focus. Good idea. Focus on visualizing your chakras spinning lik lil wormholes but going faster. Do each one - hands feet eyes elbows the three in your head. One at a time
May take a while but as i have been experimenting is quite fun… but felt you might enjoy this.
Don’t worry if you get a headache or what ha you just experience it.