Dream or message about Lucifer

Hello members.

Yesterday I had a dream and in my dream I saw with group of stranger people at their house, and we do a ritual to summon Lucifer for a death/revenge purpose. Then all of sudden a being with large wings descend down in his full glory inside circle we casted. Then I lose the track of my dream. And later in my dream I see him communicating with me with lights of different colours and in my gut I know he is talking to me.

This is the first time I’ve got this kind of dream about Lucifer.
I seek your help members! Whether to go forth with working with Lucifer.

Thank you.

All I will say is that Lucifer is an enlightener and does not usually / ever do death / revenge anything. That would be his dark brothers type of gig. just thought I would mention this.

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I mean, sometimes a dream is just a dream and represents something subconscious.

E.g. someone may think about working with an entity, or read about them and have dreams.

If you so wish, you could seek divination to seek the answer or ask Lucifer himself if he was calling out to you. But always best to see it from a logical side first rather than jump to a spiritual conclusion.